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Surgery Update

Posted by Rose on 3/05/05 at 19:00 (170543)

I have not been on this board as often as I used to before my surgery and right after it. I just occasionally get on and read the postings.
I wanted to update eveybody on my progress. I had severe plantar fasciitis and also a very painful neuroma for many months. I went to several podiatrists and tried all the usual remedies. Finally I let my podiarist refer me to a surgeon. He is a wonderful experienced man who believes in trying absolutely everuthing before doing surgery. He even said he had a few patients in the past get much improvement and avoid surry by a complete diet change to raw food. So I had an aditional 6 months to try absolutely everything. I finally had the surgery on both feet at the same time on July 1, 2003.
I think it was a good decision to do both at once. The neuroma was completely healed within six weeks. The plantar fasciitis was another story. I did have the open surgery. I spent the next year trying to recover. It was difficult. Back and forth to acupuncture, the chiropractor, physical therapy, rest, the boot, everything. It was slowly improving. The only exercise I could do was water aerobics without touching the bottom of the pool. I could not walk far without a lot of pain. I had to wear the boot at night to avoid the crippling morning pain.
I used a wheel chair when I went for any place where I would have to do a lot of walking. I used a cane occasionally for balance. Me legs were both getting quite weak from not much weight bearing exercise.
This past Christmas, which would make it about 18 months after surgery, I caught my Grandson's head cold and got very ill with a serious sinus infection followed by an ear infection that had me in the emergency room and in bed for 6 straight weeks. I do not ever remember being so sick. By the way I am 60.
Within the past 2-3 weeks I have been slowly impoving and have gone back to the water class part time and tying a little of a dancy low impact aerobic class class. As of last week, I did a full 45 minutes of a dancy class which involves pivot turns, grape vines etc. At first my legs got very sore and my ankle hurt and I felt my legs were weak. Within a week my legs are so strong, there is little pain in the arch or heel, I can walk around the house barefooted, I can go to a shopping center and walk at full speed and experience little or not pain.
This is like a miracle that it has happened so quickly. My conclusion is that the forced rest for 6 weeks gave my foot a lot of time to finish healing. It is a wonderful thing that has happened. It would have never happened if I had not been forced to rest.
I just wanted to share this in case there is anybody out there who is having a very hard time haling.

Re: Surgery Update

Julie on 3/06/05 at 02:12 (170555)

Rose, thank you for posting this. I'm so glad that you are healed. Life/God/the Universe has a way of giving us what we need, even if it doesn't appear like what we want at first!

Re: Surgery Update

Rose on 3/06/05 at 11:21 (170567)

Yes....good thoughts.....thanks

Re: Surgery Update

Kathy G on 3/07/05 at 17:12 (170638)


While I'm sorry you were so sick, I am so happy that your feet are so much better! Do an extra kick for me the next time you're dancing! :)