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considering epf surgery

Posted by Jim on 3/06/05 at 14:56 (170573)

I have PF for two years in my left foot. Fascia and heel cord are so tight I cannot bend my foot beyond the neutral position. The fascia is so thickened that my left leg in longer than my rignt. I've read this website many times over the past year. I've tried every posible treatment including ESWT twice $$$. Currently, I stretch my calfs twice daily using heat first, then taping very, very aggressively to protect the fascia. The taping and heat allow me to feel the calf trying to stretch. I've been stretching this way for six months and have seen very little improvement. I use a walker since I cannot bend my ankle beyond the neutral position. I only attempt to to stretch the fascia itself after using heat and very mild stretching. I feel the only answer at this point is to cut the fascia, but that would not solve the problem of tight calf muscel.