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considering epf surgery

Posted by Jim on 3/06/05 at 14:59 (170574)

I have PF for two years in my left foot. Fascia and heel cord are so tight I cannot bend my foot beyond the neutral position. The fascia is so thickened that my left leg is now longer than my rignt. I've read this website many times over the past year. I've tried every posible treatment including ESWT twice $$$. Currently, I stretch my calfs twice daily using heat first, then taping very, very aggressively to protect the fascia. The taping and heat allow me to feel the calf trying to stretch. I've been stretching this way for six months and have seen very little improvement. I use a walker since I cannot bend my ankle beyond the neutral position. I only attempt to to stretch the fascia itself after using heat and very mild stretching. I feel the only answer at this point is to cut the fascia, but that would not solve the problem of tight calf muscel. Any advise would be very welcome.

Re: considering epf surgery

Julie on 3/06/05 at 15:16 (170575)


I don't think that EPF is the answer for you. For one thing, it has a poor rate of success (although some people here have reported success) and the doctors who post here seem now to hold it in disfavour.

In any case, cutting the fascia would do nothing to lengthen your very tight calf muscles. There is, though, a procedure called the gastroc slide, in which the gastrocnemius muscle (the main calf muscle) is lengthened. Use the search facility on this site: there are some posts there that will fill you in.

And post a question about it, with your details, on the Ask the Doctors board. I am only guessing, but it sounds to me as though this procedure might be helpful, and one of the doctors may be able to confirm that and steer you in the right direction.

Re: considering epf surgery

SteveG on 3/06/05 at 17:06 (170584)

Julie is right; look into the gastroc slide

Re: considering epf surgery

Shell D. on 3/07/05 at 08:54 (170598)

I had EPF done almost two years ago and I'm regretting it everyday! I've had nothing but problems since. I wish I would have researched it very thoroughly before jumping into it. I had not found this message board till after the surgery.

But also remember that many people have had EPF and have had success with it. Everyone is different and hopefully if you have it done you will be one of those success stories.

Good luck to you in whatever choice you make.

Re: considering epf surgery

Jim on 3/08/05 at 12:27 (170696)

Julie thank you for info.

Re: considering epf surgery

Jim on 3/08/05 at 12:28 (170697)

Steve thanks for response.

Re: considering epf surgery

Jim on 3/08/05 at 12:29 (170698)

Thank you for response

Re: considering epf surgery

Dr. Sandell on 3/08/05 at 14:36 (170725)

Given your current disability and past medical history, I would like an opportunity to speak with you. If you could contact me at the clinic or via email, I would like to see if I could recommend any alternatives to the EPF surgery.
Dr. Sandell
(email removed)

Re: considering epf surgery

Gail R on 3/08/05 at 21:42 (170755)

I have had the epf surgery on both my feet and it did very much help the inflammation that I kept in both feet. I had the surgeries a year apart. I have also since that time had a hagulands surgery and then another achilles tendon clean up on the same foot... 4 surgerys and now it seems the other foot is affected with the same achilles tendon insertion calcification problem!! Now THAT is the really bad one but the epf surgerys really helped and did not have a long recovery period as (at least for me!) Hope you feel better soon!

Re: considering epf surgery

BudP on 3/17/05 at 23:16 (171469)

I had EPF surgery in Nov of 2003. Like you I tried everything. I will say that I am pain free from the PF. I pretty much knew within a couple weeks that it was a success. I had it on my right foot and my right calf was tight all the time,after the surgery it gradually loosened.Everyone is different but it worked for me.If you are in excruciating pain all the time and you really have tried all treatments then I say go for it,I could not live in all that pain any longer. Stay in touch and good luck on whatever you decide.