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Altered Gait and TTS symptoms

Posted by Darlene on 3/06/05 at 16:39 (170582)

I'm hoping someone could help me to understand this.

I had MN surgery almost 8 weeks ago. While the surgery is healing fine, I have now developed TTS symptoms bilaterally. My symptoms are: tenderness on the inner ankle, heel pain, arch pain and forefoot pain. My pod said that it is due to altered biomechanics and that orthotics are the answer. He thinks it will work itself out. Unfortunately, I am finding that it is getting worse with each passing day. It is even starting to feel tender when I am not weight bearing. I am wearing Sauconny Hurricanes and wonder if the high sides could be irritating my TT. I am currently doing ultrasound/cortisone cream in the TT area.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.