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Posted by vince on 3/06/05 at 16:42 (170583)

The remains of what is believed to be the oldest speciman of a hominid was found in Ethiopia. Estimated to be 3.5-4 million years old it was determined that the species walked upright by the scientists who examined the tibia and an ankle bone. What is more amnazing is that the hominid had suffered from plantar fascitis and he had been cured.This was determined, because along with the fossilized bones the scientist found a pair of orthotics that had been made by Dr. Z.


Ed Davis, DPM on 3/07/05 at 13:56 (170619)

The truly amazing thing about such early finds is the complete absence of athersclerosis in the arteries. We first started seeing athersclerosis in autopies of Egyptian mummies, that is, at a time man was no longer a hunter gatherer. Are carbohydrates the villain? Who knows?


Richard, C.Ped on 3/07/05 at 15:20 (170630)

Since you said that he had been cured from the plantar fasciitis, I am pretty sure I made those orthosis for Dr. Z. He still owes me for that pair. Hmmm, what would the intrest rate be for 4 million years??


Fed Up Also on 3/08/05 at 13:19 (170706)

If Dr. Z made the orthodics, it must be after he soak the poor guy of all the furs he had to give as payment for the other 'failed procedures'