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Gas Prices

Posted by John H on 3/07/05 at 10:54 (170604)

As you all know the price of gas is expected to go to $2.25 per gallon soon. On TV it was said that the price of gas in Great Brittan is $5.50 per gallon. Most of our gas tax in the U.S goes towards upkeep of the highways. Julie where is most of the taxes on gas in GB used for? I would doubt you would have many SUVs if gas is that high. An SUV that might carry 35-40 gallons would cost over $200 to fill up. It has been many years since I was in Europe but even then gas was typically double the U.S. price and most cars were either small or diesel. We go crazy in this country when fuel reaches $2 a gallon. I do not know what diesel cost in the UK but our big rigs in the U.S. carry 300 gallons and achieve around 5 mpg. At $5.50 pg that would be $1650.00 for a fillup. Ouch!

Re: Gas Prices

Julie on 3/07/05 at 12:00 (170607)

You said it, John: Ouch. Our gas (petrol we call it here) is much more expensive than yours, and I'm interested to learn that it's twice as expensive. We pay for it by litre, not by gallon, and at the moment the ordinary non-leaded stuff is about 80p per litre and of course most of that is tax. As it's not ring fenced, I don't know where it goes, but I'll try to find out.

But we do have an increasing number of SUVs, and therre is a lot of controversy about them because they're major polluters. There is much talk of increasing their tax burden. For example, we now have a congestion charge in central London: if you want to drive into, or even through, the centre of town you have to pay ?5 (pounds), and there are heavy fines for evading or forgetting the charge. The talk now is of charging drivers of SUVS ?20.

Re: Gas Prices

Carole C in NOLA on 3/07/05 at 12:18 (170610)

I got gas on Friday, and it cost me $2.10 for the highest octane at Chevron. Although I knew it would be 10 or 15 cents higher than the convenience store gas down the street, I was shocked! I hear it's expected to go up, too.

I get gas about once a month, so it's not a big budget item for me (yet). It cost me $35 on Friday, as opposed to maybe $30 earlier in the year. I live just a mile and a half from work, and don't drive much.

Carole C

Re: Gas Prices

John H on 3/07/05 at 12:23 (170612)

Julie following is a current price comparison of world gas prices. In the U.S. approximately 20% of the cost is federal tax and 20% state tax. The remaining is for cost of crude, refining, transportation, and profit. Most of the tax money goes for road repairs and or new roads. Some cities and localities also may add a tax. We are currently at around $2.00 per gallon. One of our problems is that we lack refinning capacity in the U.S. If a refinery goes down the price of gas immediately goes up. We probably have not built a new refinery in more than 20 years due to strong enviromental regulations. Our refinerys run at full capacity. Europes cost of crude is the same as ours so the difference is mostly in taxes which I assume is used largely to finance social programs such as medical care. I know there is a stiff value added tax in Europe. One would have to have a very good income to support a couple of SUV's in England but then you do not have the great distances to drive we do in the U.S. I had one worker who commuted every dat to work by car with a roundtrip of 200 miles. He was an auto mechanic. You have much better public transportation in Europe but that is probably easier because we have states that are so big and open it would not be dollar efficient to build tranes or other types of transportation. A $200 fillup would sure get my attention. Where is my bike.


Re: Gas Prices

Richard, C.Ped on 3/07/05 at 13:17 (170617)

I sure do love my little Nissan 4 cylinder truck and my wifes 4 cylinder Camry.

Re: Gas Prices

Kathy G on 3/07/05 at 16:47 (170634)

I'm with you, Richard. My husband drives a Pontica Vibe (like a Toyota Matrix)and I drive a Corolla. When I see people filling up SUV's and complaining, I just can't understand it. They knew the price of gas was not stable when they bought the car!

The lowest price, here in town, was $1.93 as of Friday. I'll bet it's gone up since then.

Re: Gas Prices

Kathy G on 3/07/05 at 16:51 (170635)

Great information, John. It kind of puts it all into perspective, doesn't it? My brother-in-law says that people don't complain about the price of a gallon of beer or milk when it goes up so they shouldn't complain about the price of gas, either. He likes to point out that, during the last thirty years, gas prices haven't risen as fast as many other prices of essential goods in this country. He's probably right but I still can't believe how fast it's going up this time.

Re: Gas Prices

vince on 3/07/05 at 16:59 (170636)

High Octane gas- most cars don't need it and if you can afford a model that does,like BMW, Porsche, or an MB, the cost if the gas is of no concern.

Re: Gas Prices

vince on 3/07/05 at 18:45 (170648)

Fuel economy is a consideration but I'll pay the gas price gladly. If my 6000# Yukon Denali, with it's 20' wheels and 6' lift kit had an unfortunate meeting with your 4 cyl Vibe, Camry or Matrix which driver do you think would be less likely able to purchase gas anytime in the near futur?

Re: Gas Prices

john h on 3/07/05 at 18:53 (170652)

Will your unit handle a Hummer Vince? Or better yet an 80,000 Lb Peterbilt 18 wheeler with a 51' Great Dane Trailer loaded with Arkansas Rice and driven by a guy named Bubba.

Re: Hold on to your respective hats

SteveG on 3/07/05 at 19:05 (170655)

I recently read a book called Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage.


In the book, a former Princeton professor and oil geologist argues that: 'Global oil production will probably reach a peak sometime during this decade and after peak the world oil production will continue to fall.' What we will have is an increasing demand chasing an ever decreasing supply. I also read a pretty sympathetic review of the book in Scientific American. You can also view related sites by Googling 'Hubbert's Peak'.

Now keep in mind that I wear Birkenstocks because I have PF, not because I am always going on about alternative energy and reading Noam Chomsky. But the book and the review did give me pause.

Re: Gas Prices

vince on 3/07/05 at 19:08 (170657)

Easy to handle a big rig. When he's riding on your tail like they love to do, then you lockup those big 20 inchers and when you can see the writing on the side of the box in your sideview mirrow you punch that Vortex 6000 and watch the trucker turn sideways and flip over. Now if you happen to meet up with an Abhrams A1A you just give them all the room they need.

Re: Gas Prices

john h on 3/07/05 at 19:12 (170658)

BMW has a very fast car that only sells in Europe that will get 50 mpg. I think that 50% of current SUV owners would switch to a smaller car if fuel got to $5 per gallon. Probably even more. In Arkansas pickup trucks sell much more than cars and we have more of them on the road than autos. These truck drivers would be big time effected with $5.50 gas. Cab drivers drive big fuel inefficent autos and most people who use them are not exactly rich outside of cities. Triple your shipping cost for everything that moves by truck and suddenly we have the beginings of more than a recession. The U.S. is more dependant on gas than any nation on earth and uses more. Airline prices could easily double. In Europe diesel is subsidized by most governments so it is a lot cheaper than gas which is why you see so many diesels in Europe. Currently Toyota is starting to do rather well with its combo gas/electric vehicle which I think is a 50 mpg vehicle. I see a number of them around Little Rock but they are not your family of 6 sedan.

Re: Gas Prices

john h on 3/07/05 at 19:17 (170660)

Kathy I was a District Manager for a national truck leasing company in the early 70's. Diesel at that time was included in the lease rate for most all of the large fleets of over the road tractors we leased. At that time the cost per gallon was between .03 and .04 per gallon. In our gas wars in the 60's I often saw regular gas at $.22 per gallon. We have come a long way. If you want to blow you mind figure out what a 55 gallon drum of your injet printer ink cost with a typical cartridge holding about 1/2 oz and costing around $30/

Re: Hold on to your respective hats

Julie on 3/08/05 at 01:59 (170673)

Our Leader will find a way, Steve. A few more pre-emptive regime-changing adventures will keep the SUVs' supply safe for another decade or so.

Re: Hold on to your respective hats

Tina H on 3/08/05 at 09:34 (170679)

I was shocked when we moved to France in the 90's to find that gas, after converting from the liter price to gallons was about 4$/gallon. I was told, not sure if it's true, that most of the money was for maintaining their roads. Their autoroutes are so, so much better than ours. People had much smaller cars which pollute a lot less and use less gas. Also their public transit system is so much better. In France you can go from the north of the country to the south in half the time you can drive the same distance at a really affordable price. I live in Pittsburgh and have family that live in Lancaster PA, If I drive it takes 4 hours (providing the worst most expensive turnpike in the US isn't jammed up), if I take Amtrak, it costs about $60-70 and it takes about 7 hours even though it's a direct route and I don't have to change trains. Go fiqure, the train should be faster, or maybe even take the same time as driving, but 2 or 3 hours slower is unacceptable!

Re: Gas Prices

Richard, C.Ped on 3/08/05 at 11:02 (170686)

Not me. Cause the money I would collect from you and your insurance company would keep me happy for years to come.

Re: Hold on to your respective hats

John H on 3/09/05 at 11:06 (170786)

In January 05 SUV sales in the U.S. dropped 10% vs 04. That is a significant drop.

Re: Hold on to your respective hats

mike on 8/18/05 at 04:01 (180679)

116.9 per liter as of aug 18 2005...........this sux