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Tipping...what do YOU do?

Posted by Linda V. on 3/07/05 at 11:45 (170605)

Ok, another subject with many opinions. I know the standard for restaurants, and I have no problem with it. But I am never sure WHO else and HOW much to tip. The guy that delivers my dry cleaning? The dog groomer? The hair stylist who owns the shop vs just works there? I don't mind tipping for the delivery of pizza, but darnnit---is it necessary to tip the counter person who pours me a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Carole C in NOLA on 3/07/05 at 12:13 (170609)

Gosh - - I've never thought of some of the situations you mention. I don't have a dog groomer, or a dry cleaning delivery person. I'd probably tip them, I guess?

I tip in restaurants and I tip the hair stylist at Supercuts (I have no idea which one owns the place). I tip cabbies. I certainly think a pizza delivery person and the waitress at Dunkin Donuts deserve tips. Even if the counter person only served me a cup of coffee, I'd tip (20% and rounding up to the nearest 5 cents, usually).

I tip more if a person makes an effort, and less if the person does a crummy job. But I have to be really ticked off before I'd 'stiff' a person - - haven't done that in years.

With minimum wage as low as it is, many people really depend on tips to put food on the table.

Carole C

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Richard, C.Ped on 3/07/05 at 13:16 (170616)

As a business owner, I think I tend to set the standards of other businesses quite high. I want to be treated the way I treat my customers. I tend to tip a standard 15% or so when eating. If I do not get good service through out the meal, I start decreasing the tip per each 'occurance'. I have done more if the service is really good. I know its weird, but they are there to serve me. I always take in consideration if the employee is new.

Pizza is usually around $2.00 (I am a former pizza delivery guy). I don't tip counter people because I really do not think about it.

Minimum wage does not make a difference to me. I worked when the minimum wage was around $3.00 per hour. I still busted my butt to give great pizza delivery service, on time, with a smile in order to get a good tip. If they did not tip well that time, I didn't mind. They usually did the next time when they saw the service they received was not a fluke.

I do NOT like going places where the teenager staff stands around talking about another employee or their boyfriend or girlfriend. I really do not like it when they say that they are ready to go home. People need to learn how to act in front of customers.

I could go on, but I need to go serve my customers.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Susan on 3/07/05 at 16:35 (170632)

Hairdresser - $5-10. She is going to Tahiti in April, so she's not exactly poor I don't think.

Restaurants - Always a minimum of $1.00 regardless of what I get, otherwise 20% or a little more if the service is really good. But if the service is really bad, less.

At a restaurant that I love, I'll tip $1.00 even if I'm getting takeout.

Pizza guy - $2.00 unless it's cold and pouring down rain, then $3.00. I hear they really remember who tips and who doesn't.

At Ruby Tuesday's (a restaurant chain) here, the service is like you're at a fancy restaurant even if you get the salad bar, so I go there often and tip really well.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Kathy G on 3/07/05 at 16:42 (170633)

Interesting topic, Linda. I tend to tip fifteen percent for an average server in a restaurant but twenty percent for a good one. On occasion, we'll throw in a little extra if the service was above and beyond.

I don't know about the dry cleaner or dog groomer, either, but I tip my hair dresser. That's kind of sticky one. She used to work for a fellow and they've stayed in the same location but now they're all independent. So she actually in renting her stall and owns her own business and gets the profits from sale of her own product. It costs $28 for a haircut and I was giving her $32 but now I've gone up to $33 because that's still not twenty percent. But they used to say that it wasn't necessary to tip the owner of a hair salon. In her case, she's such a great hairdresser, I just want to take good care of her. She's never given me a bad haircut in almost eight years that I've gone to her and I go every four weeks. I have very short hair so my haircut is very important. I think I read recently that for hairdressers, it's twenty percent but I could be wrong.

I never used to leave money in those tip jars until my daughter worked in an ice cream stand for a short time. They really depend on those tips because they get paid so little. I usually go with fifteen to twenty percent.

We don't have taxis in our town but when we go to the 'Big City,' my husband tips the cab driver but I'm not sure how much. Probably the usual twenty percent. Unless it's a lousy cab driver.

I agree with you, Richard, that customer service is fast becoming a thing of the past, so I always try to reward someone who does a good job. I often take the comment cards home and send them in, especially if I've gotten good service. And I sometimes call a store and comment if someone has been particularly helpful to me. Too often, the only time customers call is to complain.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Linda V. on 3/07/05 at 17:36 (170645)

I thought about this topic a lot recently. When we moved, I wasn't sure the proper thing to do with the movers. Of course, we wanted them to be extra good and careful with our stuff. So we tipped the head guy 40 bucks and each of his 3 helpers 20 bucks as they loaded, and told them we would REALLY take care of them once they got our stuff to Florida. They WERE great. It was only the head guy and one other that unloaded...so we gave the head guy 150 bucks and told him to take care of his worker. He looked at us sort of funny, and I wondered if that was too cheap. I have no idea.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

john h on 3/07/05 at 18:58 (170653)

Linda I have never tipped movers and have moved 28 times. Typically the people who load your stuff on a long haul may just move it to a local warehouse where the longhaul driver picks it up. It then is moved and a new set of workers unload at the destination. There are some independant drivers who haul under the banner of a national moving company and they hire the helpers directly at both pickup and destination. A long haul driver can easily make $100,000 + a year in profits with his on rig. Sort of like tipping your Doctor

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Linda V. on 3/08/05 at 06:56 (170674)

This was a small family run company, and they handled it the entire way.They went of their way to have the stuff here one hour after we came back from the closing, so we figured they deserved it. Maybe they were looking at me funny BECAUSE we tipped......wonder if the docs and c-peds here have ever been offered a tip...

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Tina H on 3/08/05 at 09:25 (170678)

Everytime we've moved we've bought the movers lunch and tipped each person $50. Not sure how much is too little and they always seem to expect that you are going to get lunch. Even when we moved to France, we just arrived in this town, the movers came with our container load of stuff(it was an international company so they spoke English) and at lunch time they were looking at me like I should feed them. After a while the head mover asked me where they could get take out? My response, Cut me a break, we just arrived, I don't know how to get around town without a map, and I don't speak French! My cookware was in the truck. I was pissed, here I was in a foreign town, just trying to survive, stressed out with kids who didn't speak French adjusting to the local public school and these movers were looking at me like I should whip up some lunch for them! It was ridiculous. Besides how many small French villages have McDonalds? Not too many. I guess you can tell I'm still annoyed about this! They obviously hadn't learned how to pack lunch.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

april l on 3/08/05 at 12:46 (170702)

I tip waiters/waitresses because they make below minimum wage. I have worked as a waitress for many many years, I'm good at it, and tips are very good, reflecting my experience. But, I really don't think people who earn a normal wage should expect to be tipped. I was surprised that so many people tip movers and once someone told me she tips the garbage man! Why should we have to tip everyone just for doing their job? Waiters in restaurants basically aren't paid by their employers. $2.90-$3.40 is not legal for most jobs, but waiters are expected to get tips, so I tip (and generously because I know how stressful and exhausting it is). I would never have even thought to tip movers, or buy them lunch! That they expect it seems arrogant to me, and if you don't tip, do they mishandle everything or do a lousy job? Aren't they paid enough by their employer? I tip cabbies and hairstylist, because you're supposed to, but who decides who we are supposed to tip? A doorman in NYC hailed a cab for me, without my asking or wanting him to, and he expected to get tipped right? The look he gave me said so, but I didn't know, naive I guess. Gosh, where do you draw the line?

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Elyse B on 3/08/05 at 14:13 (170719)

Hairdresser - $25.00 .... haircut is $125.00

Restaurants - ALWAYS 20%

Pizza guy - 20%

Cat sitter, pay her by the week to stay in my house $500.00

Taxi Drivers- usually $1.00 to $2.00 per ride, depending on the total

Garage Guys $5.00 every time I pick up the car

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Linda V. on 3/08/05 at 14:16 (170721)

Thats my point..where do you draw the line? When I took my poodle to get groomed, it often costs about $60.00. Add another 10...and geeshh every 5 weeks. So, when my youngest got out of high school and didn't know what to do with herself....off I sent her to grooming school. She now grooms very high class dogs....and brings home about $200 a day. With tips, that is..

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Dr. Z on 3/08/05 at 18:38 (170747)

Podiatrist- deductble and any co=pay you may have. Don't pay until after the service is rendered

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Kathy G on 3/08/05 at 18:51 (170748)

Here's a good one. Because we live in a rural area, our newspapers are delivered into a box next to our mailbox. The same person delivers both the newspapers we get. At Christmas, she leaves us a self-adressed envelope for us to put our tips in because she's afraid someone might take them out of the box. She doesn't even put a stamp on the envelope!

Talk about setting yourself up for no tip. Besides, we tip her, through our payment for the newspaper, $5 a month so she's getting $60 a year from us. Actually, I never thought of that. $60 and she sometimes forgets to leave us one of the papers or skips us altogether.

You're right, Linda, it is out of hand. I've only used movers twice (Once for my parents but I did all the arrangements) and I never thought to tip them. They must have thought I was cheap!

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/09/05 at 08:09 (170777)

I always tip when a person goes above and beyond what is typical for their job. I alway tip my dog groomer because she is so sweet, nice and cares alot my dog. That deserves a tip in my opinion. PS: My dog is very happy to go to our groomer

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Ralph on 3/09/05 at 09:56 (170783)

I love dogs. What kind of dog do you have Dr. Z. I have a Golden Retriever named Samatha Josephine. She's called Sammy Jo for short.

Re: Elyse

Linda V. on 3/09/05 at 10:17 (170784)

I would be happy to cat sit ANYTIME you want!!!!

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

John H on 3/09/05 at 11:00 (170785)

You have to draw it somewhere April. Clearly some people's job is based on receiving tips. Someone who is paid a fair wage for their job it would seem to me does not require a tip. NYC garbage men probably make $75,000+a year. You would not expect (I think) to tip anyone who is a union employee as they have people barganing for their wages. Service oriented employees typically are tipped. Mailmen cannot by regulation receive a tip. My mailman has been with us for over 20 years and he likes cats so I always give him some big bags of cat food at Xmas. I have had the same paper delivery man for over 30 years. I always mail him a check at Xmas. I tip around 20-25% for waitress/waiter at places like the Waffle House. Probably 15% at upscale resturants where prices are really high. At the high end resturants and hotels the waiter/waitress typically has to kick back a portion of their tips to the head waiter. As a teen I worked as a bar room boy at a country club, locker room assistant, caddy, managed a food bar at one of our college food shops, worked in the dining hall at college, delivered mail at Xmas, worked as a driver for an older doctor and his wife, counselor for 8-11 year old boys in the summer for the city and for Bucky's Boys Club, day laborer, delivered papers, delivered clothing by auto for a very upscale ladies clothing store, baby sat, worked for a landscaper. This is only a partial list. Never remember receiving many tips.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Richard, C.Ped on 3/09/05 at 11:22 (170789)

'As a teen I worked as a bar room boy at a country club, locker room assistant, caddy, managed a food bar at one of our college food shops, worked in the dining hall at college, delivered mail at Xmas, worked as a driver for an older doctor and his wife, counselor for 8-11 year old boys in the summer for the city and for Bucky's Boys Club, day laborer, delivered papers, delivered clothing by auto for a very upscale ladies clothing store, baby sat, worked for a landscaper.'

And that was just on Monday!!!

Just kidding John!

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

John H on 3/09/05 at 12:22 (170792)

Ok Richard I am laying in wait for you.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Richard, C.Ped on 3/09/05 at 13:26 (170798)

Sorry John, I am a married man.

Re: Elyse

Elyse B on 3/09/05 at 14:10 (170802)

Thanks Linda V. I love my kitties and make sure they are in the best of hands when I go away. Hate leaving them alone in the house. They need 'warm bodies' to curl up against.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Mahatmelissama on 3/12/05 at 12:28 (171021)

I heard this guy on the radio KFOG here say...
tip for anything that is considered a luxury...
-eating out etc

I tip generally about 17% to 20%..I just multiple by 2 then put a little less than that or exactly that.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

john h on 3/12/05 at 13:03 (171025)


Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Susan on 3/14/05 at 07:58 (171155)

$125 for a haircut!! Whew! Mine is $55 for the haircut and that seems high to me. But a neck massage comes with it.

My cat sitter is $20 a day to come by the house 2 times per day. I usually tip maybe $5-10 for a several day vacation, plus I bring her a little something back from where I went.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

John H on 3/14/05 at 11:14 (171177)

I can get 12.5 haircuts for that amount. Your cat sitter charges less than the vet to board a cat.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Susan on 3/14/05 at 12:43 (171181)

But the salon is beautiful. Wonder why... or how.

And the cat sitter would give my sick old kitty his daily IV fluids for that as well.

Oh and I figured out that my eye shadow is $625/pound.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

John H on 3/15/05 at 10:53 (171225)

Neck massage? What is that all about Susan? I need to hear more about this so called Hair Salon.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Susan on 3/15/05 at 15:29 (171249)

I'll tell them you asked. Yep, it's for real. You get a neck massage for your $50+. The best is they wash your hair and really scrub. It's better than the neck massage. And then psychotherapy is thrown in for free. My hairdresser knows everything.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

john h on 3/15/05 at 21:26 (171270)

In Vietnam you could get a haircut, manicure, pedicure and neck massage for $3.00. They had three people working on you all at the same time. Not much good to remember about that place but that was one perk. I think a good martini was $.35. Getting shot at was free.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Susan on 3/16/05 at 08:55 (171290)

Not bad, and today in Vietnam they have smart people who will do my job for $5.00/hr. There's a Vietnam vet in my office now. I asked him once how he puts up with everything that goes on here, and he said after Vietnam, nothing bothers him anymore.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

michael w on 8/05/05 at 21:53 (180091)

i am a hairstylist. i really appreciate the tips. it hurts me when i get stiffed after doing an excellent service and making sure the customer is 100% happy! hairstylists make barely over minimum wage. we went to school and have to be licensed. i work in a quick service walk in salon and i cannot believe how cheap some ppl can be! hairdressers get paid crap to make ppl look their best! this career is grossly underpaid. its the tips that make the difference to us!!!

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Ralph on 8/06/05 at 07:16 (180103)

I understand your situation, but you are not without choices. This is a list of my ideas. Some may or may not work for you.

1. Change salons so you service higher paying clients who do tip.
2. Talk to the owner and ask if they would be willing to notify customers that they have a tip added policy to their service. It's already in the bill, no tipping required.
3. Hand each of your clients a thank you note telling them since you work on minimum wage you greatly appreciate their business and the tips they give you. ( A hint reminder)
4. Ask the salon owner to raise the base pay to cover lost tips.
5. Write a letter to the editor speaking out about how important tipping
is to people in service positions to re-educate the public.
5. Change careers
7. Return to school for higher education
8. Grumble and do nothing.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

john h on 8/06/05 at 11:49 (180122)

Ralph you also might win the lottery or win a long shot at Churchill and become a big spender. When I was a young Lieutenant a nice looking waitress left her name and address on the back of my bill. She got a very big tip. Then I began to wonder if she did not do that with all young men?

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

john h on 8/06/05 at 11:54 (180124)

Michael I always tip my barber even though it takes her about 10 minutes and I pay the same as a young man with a full head of hair. As far as I know she lives 'totally' off of tips and has to pay her share of the rent in the shop. I used to work in resturants and caddy so I to dealt with big tippers and no tippers. Sort of a way of life. Last night the lady who waited on us for dinner had a husband in Iraq. I left her $8.00 for a $20.00 meal.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

Ralph on 8/06/05 at 12:51 (180127)

If he won the lotto that would be great, but I wouldn't count on it. I was just trying to provide advice. I guess one that I forgot was 'Ask
John h. to become your customer'.

Re: Tipping...what do YOU do?

john h on 8/06/05 at 18:52 (180154)

I guess a $20 meal in Arkansas is not like a $20 meal in NYC where $20 would probably get you a Big Mac and Coke. I worked on Wall Street for two summers and lived in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave not far from the old Ebbetts Field . 'Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?'