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what to do?

Posted by hopeless on 3/08/05 at 11:47 (170690)

What do you do

Where do you go when there is no answer to the questions.
How do you aleviate the pain.
Who do you trust?
Who makes it all go away?
When does my suffering end.
What sin's must I repay?
When is my healing day?
How long will this go on?
How much more of this can I endure?
Am I the one to Blame?
Will I always be lame?
Must I forgive for my healing?
The answers are not revealing.

I am open to suggestions
I have nothing to loose and all to gain
The answers are a must.
I'll listen to all you say.
your reply's please send
I dont know what else to say?
When is my healing Day?
When will the pain be gone?
Does anyone know for sure.
I'm tired of the doctor patient game
Oh' how he should be ashame
for all his misdealings
and no pain releifing

Oh' so many frustations
I think I'll go insane
or die of disgust
It's getting harder to pray
I just want to mend
No more pain today
Nor any other day
What is it I have done?
How much can one endure,
where do I put the blame
do you just keep on believing
and forget your feelings?

Re: what to do?

Dr. Z on 3/10/05 at 20:34 (170915)

So what have you done to maybe relieve your pain

Re: what to do?

hopeless on 3/11/05 at 07:11 (170930)

Let's see Physical therpy, ice, stretchs, low dye taping, 12 steroid injections, 2 epf surgerys, 2 lipoma removal surgerys with bone reduction on the last, surgery for entrapped nerve released, neurotin, vioxx, bextral, medrol dose pack, oxycotin, cast, 2 cam boots, new shoes, 3 pair orthotics, prayer, crying I guess that about sums it up. Is there anything else to try?

Re: what to do?

hopeless on 3/16/05 at 07:33 (171282)

Just as I thought there is no answer!