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Bone Spur on the backside of my heel

Posted by Allen on 3/08/05 at 15:48 (170734)

I've had a bonespur for 5 years on the back of my heel. I know this by seeing foot doctors in the past. It's located right where the Achilles meets the heel.

Would you might some advise that you can share.



Re: Bone Spur on the backside of my heel

Gail R on 3/08/05 at 21:52 (170756)

Allen I am not a dr just a very experienced patient! I had this same problem on my left heel, (hagulands/pain at insertion of achilles) had two surgeries on it in the same year(yuck!) It is better now I can walk better but it still is not all together pain free. I now have this same malady on my other foot. Saw a podiatrist today and refused the injection he offered! Some times heel lifts can help for a time. Are you on anti inflams?(bextra, mobid, advil etc.) If it gets really inflammed as mine recently did with walking you may have to get off it for it to improve. I wish you the best, I think this is even worse than the spurs on the bottom of the foot.