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Posted by John H on 3/09/05 at 11:15 (170788)

Price of:

Evian Water $21.19 gallon
Scope $84.84 gallon
Vicks Nyquill $178.13 gallon
Brake Fluid $33.63 gallon
Gatoraid $10.17 gallon
Pepto Bismol $123.20 gallon
White Out $25.42 gallon

Bring on the $5.00 per gallon gas.

Re: Prices

Linda V. on 3/09/05 at 13:14 (170796)

Wow, John. The gallon of Nyquill is outrageous. Next time I visit one of my seniors who rely on that for a sleeping aid, I will tell them to just go out and buy some nice Crown Royal. A lot smoother, and evidently a bargain to boot!

Re: Prices

Buck T. on 3/09/05 at 16:53 (170819)

Hi Youall: As I once posted we were traded Exxon stock in 1963 for property. It has really paid off (pun). Everytime there is a shortage, and prices go up at pumps, our dividends soar. If this is so for small investors like us, I wonder what the big share holders and large companies are making? Take care,

Buck T