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help im confused

Posted by P.J. M on 3/09/05 at 16:11 (170812)

i have been dealing with this what they are calling tarsel tunnel for over a year now the doc says i have exhausted all my options trying to get it to go away he says the next step is the surgery what confuses me he has been saying all along that the tightness in and around my knees is due to the tarsel tunnel but when i went to him the other day he acted as if i had never mentioned it before and now he wants to send me to a orthopedic doctor to see what he says.my question is has anyone else experienced tightness in or around their knees?

Re: help im confused

Camilla on 3/09/05 at 22:07 (170847)

I am about to go in with my second TTS surgery, The first one was sucessful..I suggest you find a doctor here


good luck. I don;t have alot of time to type but saw your post and wanted to respond...I will check back when I have more time to tell you things you want to know...sorry....