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Not to be personal, but about your bedroom habits...

Posted by Linda V. on 3/09/05 at 18:04 (170822)

Ha! Made you look, you thought this would be x-rated. Lol. Actually, just wondering if there are others like me who can only sleep (sunnyside up) slouched way down on the bed with feet dangling free in neutral. If I try to sleep otherwise, I find my PF gets worse. Anyone else? And, yes, I am really only looking for comments about the sleeping position...belly sleeping with toes pointed ballerina style DOES seem to make achilles and calves tighter.

Re: Not to be personal, but about your bedroom habits...

Carole C in NOLA on 3/09/05 at 18:49 (170826)

Ha ha! You fooled me with the title, for sure! :)

When I was going through a lot of PF and Achilles tendonitis pain, I used to dangle my feet like that. Also, I couldn't sleep with covers over my feet.

I hope your feet feel better soon!

Carole C

Re: Not to be personal, but about your bedroom habits...

Julie on 3/10/05 at 01:01 (170853)

Linda, I looked. :) When your feet dangle over the bed they're in neutral, as you say, i.e. no longer plantar flexed as they are when they're on the bed in the front-lying sleeping position. Plantar flexion shortens all the structures of the back of the heel and calf, and your body very sensibly wants to avoid that.

The absence of the lengthening effect of dorsiflexion overnight (in whatever sleeping position, but especially front-lying with the feet on the bed) causes shortening and tightening and therefore the first step pain. This is why the night splint, if it can be tolerated, is effective in the longer term: it provides a gentle dorsiflexion that prevents that shortening.

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

Necee on 3/10/05 at 02:17 (170854)

We are in the process of moving, and we decided to buy a new mattress for our master bedroom....have any of you bought a new mattress lately?? I was shocked at the prices! We do our homework, and do a lot of comparison shopping before we buy anything. After several weeks of shopping, we purchased our new mattress. I hate to admit that we were in desparate need of a new one, I'd wake up every morning with sore and aching bones!
I'm just curious as to who's bought a new one lately, and what type you decided to buy.....we picked out the Simmons Beautyrest pillowtop.
For those who might be shopping in the near future....I HIGHLY recommend that you take your time looking, lay on each one before making a decision. Another tidbit of info.......like I said earlier, we shopped around before finally buying one, and we were highly impressed with a store called Sleep Experts, they were very knowledgeable and worked with us on getting the best possible price.

I'm anxious to read what ya'll are sleeping on.

Happy trails.....


Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

vince on 3/10/05 at 06:18 (170856)

The last mattress purchase I made as an eye opening experience. I found that there was almost no way to comparison shop because each store had a unique name for the item. I coudn't go to store 'B' and find the 'Sealy model 123' that I had seen at store 'A'. I also found 3 stores with different names that were realy the same company. A big gimmick with the bedding business is to limit the guarantee unless you buy the box spring at the same time. Often it is an unneeded item. It is truly a buyer beware business. My wife and did try to test a few mattress' at Macy's and Sears and now we're not allowed in those stores any more.

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

Kathy G on 3/10/05 at 08:20 (170862)

Vince - I don't think they mean THAT kind of testing!:)

We bought a new mattress a year ago. We got a Nature's Rest mattress which is made from latex. We also got their pillows. It was a bit pricey but absolutely the best purchase we have ever made. My only complaint is that it's a bit hot, which is nice in the winter but could be a problem for someone who didn't have AC in the summer.

My husband almost never snores since we got this mattress and one pain I used to awaken with frequently has almost disappeared. Their guarantee is phenomenal; twenty years non prorated, not that I see any chance I'm going to return it.

I've never hung my feet out like you've all mentioned. I always sleep in the same position no matter how I try to change it. On my side, kind of curled up. It's fine unless I somehow get my bad hand under my head. Then it can make for a rather sore hand in the morning.

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

John H on 3/10/05 at 11:03 (170876)

I must have tried every high end mattress made over time. Three years ago I bought a Tempur Pedic (Sweedish) and found it to be the best mattress I have ever slept on. Not even close. I also bought the adjustable bed at the same time. This mattress has the uncanny ability to conform to your body and bounce back day after day. It does not transfer movement at all since their are no coils and never needs to be turned. They are very expensive but it will be the only mattress I will ever buy again. The material looks like foam but is very heavy and I think designed for the space flights.

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

Julie on 3/10/05 at 11:53 (170879)

The Tempur Pedic mattresses are made out of memory foam and yes, it was developed for space flight. The material conforms to your body weight and shape, and supports the spine in correct alignment. The need to change position throughout the night is therefore drastically reduced, and sleep is improved. Many people find it helps with back pain. We've had memory foam (both mattresses and pillows) for a year or so, and like John I would never now have anything else.

The material hasn't been around for long enough for us to know how well it wears in comparison with comparably priced high end inner spring mattresses, but I don't care. If they only last ten years and not fifteen or twenty, that will be ten years of better and more comfortable sleep, well worth the extra (as long as we can still afford to replace them if they wear out!)

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

Carole C in NOLA on 3/10/05 at 16:09 (170899)

I bought a Sealy king sized mattress when I moved into this house, a couple of years ago. At the time, I had a Sealy queen sized mattress that was less than 3 years old, but had to get a king because I was buying furniture from the prior owner and it had a king sized bed frame.

Anyway, my queen size mattress set was fabulous... I love soft mattresses and it was so soft and yet supportive! Therefore I took my receipt for the queen sized mattress set, went to the same store, and asked for a king sized mattress set just like it. The numbers had already changed, so they showed me the nearest one to the same mattress. Then, they sold me on one that is slightly softer. Softer than soft, I guess.

To tell you the truth, it's horrible in comparison. And king size costs so much more than queen size. I can sleep on it, but if my back hurts I go and sleep in my guest room, on the queen sized mattress that I like so much.

Eek! I'm so verbose. I'm late, got to go.... :)

Carole C

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

Linda V. on 3/10/05 at 17:08 (170904)

I like the fluffy pillow top mattresses..and no turning needed. Of course, had to go out and buy deep corner fitted sheets....BUT...most queen comforter manufacturers haven't compensated by making their products a bit larger. So the comforter hangs short and looks dopey. I notice JC Penney sells 2 different sizes of queen comforters. I ended up buying a king comforter so I have some overhang. Ahhh..the problems of our world! Almost went out and bought a temperpedic..but read a lot of reviews on e-pinions that made me think twice. Like sleeping in hot lava...as it is, with these 'power surges' I have---it can't get cool enough for me. Funny though, doesn't seem any worse in Florida than in New Hampshire.

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

Julie on 3/11/05 at 00:21 (170925)

Linda, it's not like 'like sleeping in hot lava'. I was worried too about that possibility, but it hasn't been a problem. Our memory foam mattresses arrived in the middle of a hot summer, and I've noticed no temperature difference between them and our previous inner spring mattresses. And if there were a difference, I would notice it: I hate being too hot at night (or at any time for that matter).

Re: while we're on the subject of bedrooms...lets talk mattresses

John H on 3/11/05 at 09:30 (170940)

Julie my Tepur Pedic is two years old and is as flat and supporative as the day I bought it. I think it has a 10 year warranty. Could be longer. They do breathe. The material is very heavy compared to regular foam. I suspect they were selling those in Europe well before they appeared in the U.S.

Re: Not to be personal, but about your bedroom habits...

ed d. on 3/16/05 at 09:23 (171295)

I have to sleep with my foot hanging off the bed or hanging off something. I can't stand for it to be lodged against anything.