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Dornier vs Ossatron

Posted by elvis on 3/09/05 at 19:05 (170830)

Elliott.....The orthopod I went to didn't know squat about the Dornier. She uses an Ossatron. When I tried explaining that the Dornier didn't require general anesthesia or sedation SHE TOLD ME that it MUST be a low energy machine/process. Well, it was sort of like arguing with your mother when you were 15 years old. LOL I was getting nowhere fast. I gave up immediately but she did say that it doesn't matter what machine you use as LONG AS IT IS HIGH ENERGY ESWT machine. I think that says a lot. She uses the OssaTron and others use the Dornier. Each uses a particular machine because they think it is good. That's life. I understand your point but I think your splitting hairs here.

Re: Dornier vs Ossatron

Dr. Z on 3/09/05 at 19:09 (170832)

I have always stated that the doctor is more important then the machine. It is very important to beable to evaluate and diagnosis the patient and determine if ESWT can help them. As you know I like the Dornier but there are many that like the ossatron. My only negative comment about the ossatron is the need for IV sedation and or light general anesthesia due to the techanical mechanics of the ossatron delivery of shockwaves from the bottom of the foot.

Re: Dornier vs Ossatron

elvis on 3/09/05 at 19:20 (170835)

Do you have a problem doing the Ossatron procedure without the general/sedation anesthesia? My doctor was very willing to forego anesthesia which kind of made me wonder why they 'require' it in the 1st place.

Re: Dornier vs Ossatron

Dr. Z on 3/09/05 at 19:32 (170836)

That is a very good question Elvis. In Canada Dr. Gordon uses the ossatron without an IV sedation.
You need to really know how to perform a regional nerve block. Scott Robert owner from this site had ossatron done in Canada back in 1999, without any IV sedation. There was group called the Ossatron eight or seven that had free ESWT ossatron treatment.. I can't remember the number. I recall that no one really complained about a regional nerve block.
The FDA ossatron study didn't use any IV sedation. The doctor can start IV sedation if you are feeling pain and the regional block isn't doing its job. So use it as an option during the treatment.
I personally feel that I could do an Ossatron treatment without any need for IV sedation but i have done thousand of regional nerve blocks and feel very comfortable using them. So you should have no problems but also have the option of switching to IV sedation if needed.