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Powersteps? Superfeet? Black????

Posted by Rose on 3/09/05 at 22:50 (170849)

I have been searching and searching for ready made good supports in black for my black Drew sandals. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks so much.

Re: Powersteps? Superfeet? Black????

Richard, C.Ped on 3/10/05 at 09:41 (170869)

Which Drew sandals do you have? If there is a 'lip' on the back, like a clog, then an insert may be trimmed to fit and could work well. If not, then I suggest having an 'arch cookie' glued to the shoe to give you some support. You could do it, or you may want to find a C.Ped or shoe repair place to do that for you. Oh, and I think Power steps are more economical.

Re: Powersteps? Superfeet? Black????

Rose on 3/10/05 at 10:47 (170875)

Thank you for the quick response. Yes, there is a lip in the back and the insole is removble. I am just looking for a good black full support like power step and cannot seem to find that any are made in black. Thanks again.