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Posted by Terri on 3/10/05 at 14:43 (170887)

I'd like to share my experience of ESTW. I can't prove it but I think for for a time - about a year - it made my condition worse. The doctor that performed the shockwave was even puzzled by how the PF spread to other parts of my foot so soon after the procedure. I was lead to believe it was like having a cavity filled. It felt like my foot had been beaten with a hammer for MONTHS. I was unable to wear regular dress shoes for a long, long time. Maybe it works for some people but that was my experience with it. It was a very stressful experience.


Dr. Zuckerman on 3/10/05 at 14:57 (170888)

How is your foot now?


Terri on 3/10/05 at 15:04 (170890)

A little better but still far, far from normal. I'm not blaming all of it on the ESTW I just think it was a very strange experence.


Dr. Z on 3/10/05 at 20:12 (170911)

I think it is strange. What are your future plans. A second treatment could help you alot if it is determined that you have classic plantar fasciosis


Cori P on 3/11/05 at 10:03 (170944)

Hi Terri,

I am sorry to hear that the ESWT treatment was a bad experience for you. I read your post and it does seem somewhat puzzling that the ESWT could have made the condition worse. Did you have any specific test such as an ultrasound or MRI done pre treatment and post treatment to measure the differences in the foot? I am also curious about which ESWT procedure was done. I do wish you had experienced better results. Was there any relief of pain following the ESWT treatments or did it progressively just get worse? Depending on the situation there still may be some positives that may help your situation. Best of luck.

Cori P.


Terri on 3/11/05 at 10:56 (170946)

I did not have an MRI or Ultrasound before the ESWT but I did have a bone scan 6 months afterward and it showed evidence of either PF or a slight fracture. I am not aware of any fracture so at one time I must have had PF. I did recently have an MRI and there was no indication of any plantar fasciitis only varicose veins in the tarsal tunnel of my ankle and a mild edema in a muscle near the tarsal tunnel. I saw the chairman of orthopeadics at a well known major medical center who did a MRI in December of 2004 and he recommended no further treatment and had no explainatin as to why the bottom of my foot hurts. It is in the arch area and and right below the heel in one particular spot. But the heel itself does not hurt. If I still had plantar fasciitis wouldn't it have shown up on the MRI?