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flour poultice

Posted by john k on 3/11/05 at 05:33 (170928)

I have an interesting story. I just found this site and think I have PF. The site is great! Whoever put it together deserves a reward. I'm looking for a doctor, but in the meantime, I got turned on to an interesting folk cure -- a flour poultice.

This is just flour and water, with a little vinegar, applied to a piece of cloth, put on the heel, and bandaged. 'What could it hurt,' I thought. I also did research on the web about this. Nothing turned up, except that vinegar may help arthritis. (Another folk cure.)

What I have noticed, however, is that the pain has declined a lot, and it is easier to stand and get around. I don't think the chemistry of the flour does it though.

The dough almost acts like a 'gel insole' and cushions my heel. It like a glue that bonds itself to my foot. I walk on it (gingerly), and it seems to squish forward a little and give me arch support. The bandaging to hold the stuff together seems to help too, by giving me more support, and also by warming my foot a little more than usual.

Later, I added tape, on the outside of the bandages mostly, but attached to the ball of my foot. It helped.

Re: flour poultice

Ralph on 3/11/05 at 14:19 (170959)

Your post is interesting and seems to be all natural so why not try it.
In my readings here, I've found people tried lots of different things.

Re: flour poultice

john k on 3/13/05 at 15:36 (171113)

So far, so good with this treatment.I'm also staying off the foot as much as possible, and using a cane.

It's healing up pretty quickly.

Re: flour poultice

john k on 3/13/05 at 15:56 (171114)

I should also add that my mom did this for herself. She learned it from someone who also had foot pain.

Re: flour poultice

Julie on 3/13/05 at 16:12 (171117)

Poultices of various kinds are a natural treatment for drawing out infection and reducing inflammation, and relaxing muscles. Reading your post, I wondered why a flour and water paste on its own would work, so I googled. I didn't find anything specific about flour, but I did find a website that gives recipes for several different herbal poultices which might also be of interest. It says:

'A poultice is made of a soft, moist substance that is mixed to the consistency of a paste, and then spread on or between layers of cloth. The cloth is then placed on a body surface. Poultices act by increasing blood flow, relaxing tense muscles, soothing inflamed tissues, or drawing toxins from an infected area. Thus, they can be used to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with abscesses; boils; bruises; carbuncles; fibrocystic disease; fractures; enlarged glands in the neck, breast or prostate; leg ulcers; sprains; sunburn; tumors; and ulcerated eyelids. They are also used to break up congestion, draw out pus, and remove embedded particles from the skin.'

Here is the web address if anyone is interested in following this up:

Re: flour poultice

Rama on 3/23/05 at 03:47 (171809)

This is quite interesting. What flour did u use? Pl let me know- so I can try it out..