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Just a question

Posted by Ralph on 3/11/05 at 14:12 (170958)

Someone posted that Dr. Zingas is a member of both United and Dr. Z's ESWT group. I do not know this for a fact but remember reading it on the board.

My question is if doctors do not have any monitary investment in these groups what is in it for them to belong to both groups?

Knowing now that Dr. Zingas wrote these papers on ESWT I can see why it would be beneficial to be able to say that he is a member of your group.

Maybe the benefit is really to the group more than it is to Dr. Zingas. If he is a big name doctor he probably doesn't need recognition, but the groups can advertise that he's one of there members.

Does anyone know how many ESWT provider groups he belongs to?

Re: Just a question

Dr. Z on 3/11/05 at 16:12 (170964)

Dr. Zingas is only a member of Excellence Shockwave Therapy Group. Excellence Shockwave Therapy gets alot of inquiries about ESWT treatment through out the USA.
Patients use to travel to Dr. Z office for years for this treatment due to being one of the few treatment centers in the USA.
Having Dr. Zingas in Michigan does save patients alot of travel time and at the same time they get a very experienced and exceptional Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgeon
So it is a win win situation . Excellence looks for and tries to promote doctors that have exceptional backgrounds and in the best demographic areas for the benefit of patients.