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Tarsal Tunnel & Varicose Veins

Posted by BobL. on 3/11/05 at 20:30 (170984)

I had foot surgery 2 months ago for t.t. release. The doctor told me he had to cut and tie off a vein that was putting pressure on nerve. My other foot has had the same problem {varicose veins} in the area between the ankle and foot. How common is this? I hope I do not have to go through surgery again for a while.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel & Varicose Veins

JG on 3/12/05 at 09:21 (171007)

I just had my second TT surgery performed. Both feet had varicose veins wrapped around the nerve.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel & Varicose Veins

cindyp on 3/12/05 at 21:06 (171064)

I only had it happen on my right foot not the left. Am glad and grateful to have done it.