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reg ortholics vs sports ortholics whats the differents

Posted by ray on 3/12/05 at 12:55 (171024)

i was just fitted for new ortholics the lady asked me if what ill use them for any sports i said biking and mountain walking

Re: reg ortholics vs sports ortholics whats the differents

Richard, C.Ped on 3/14/05 at 08:08 (171157)

I am going to get jumped on for this, but in my pedorthic eyes, there is no difference. I determine the material as per pain level of each individual. If I have a 350 pound defensive lineman, I will not use my softer material. I go more rigid because he will break down the softer within a couple of weeks. If I have a 120 pound female tennis player, I might go with my softer material.

Some places around here describe their hard plastic orthosis as 'sport' because it will hold up longer. I think putting the small girl with sore feet in a hard orthosis is silly. The harder the orthosis, the longer it will take to get used to it. I made the mistake of trying to do that when we first started and had many people come back because they could not get used to wearing them. That is when we started using material according to the person, and their pain level.

That is my opinion.