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heel pain

Posted by sak on 3/13/05 at 00:29 (171074)

Have had it now 18 months. Came on after neuroma in other foot was unbearable. Had it removed, but had cortisone in both heels and neuroma before that. Then rested for one month(i work in construction). Had total of 6 cort. in left heel. Custom orthotics made. Took Naproxen for 1 year 500 mg 2x day. Now am on disability,wearing nightsplint.Dr. said no more cort..period. Inflamation is visible, pain isnt bad at all when feet elevated 23.5 hours a day. Can't go thru life like that. Now am in PT, ultrasound and ice. Am doing ice 5x a day. Dr. said plantar release is next. Just curious though, anyone work in an intense weight carrying job, uneven surface had release surgery and if so, how long until you were back on the job? Please post or send any comments, ideas, suggestions to (email removed).