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pain on top of foot from fall

Posted by vikki on 3/13/05 at 08:48 (171085)

hello,i am confused over a my small accident.I twisted my foot stepping off a 2 inch step...sounds silly ...buti caught my full weight on the left foot as it twisted under .i can only describe this area ,as the outer one inch of the foot running along the area that runns parallel with my little toe on top of my foot.within a few painful minutes.a bump the size of a peanutcame up,this soon became a swollen area 2 inches in diameter.Over the night it seems that no change has occured ,i am in pain and cannot put body weight on my foot.Emergency ward is my only option today,could i wait to see a foot doc tomorrow,could i have possibly broken my bone .....please my husband is driving me crazy...thanks