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Dolorclast Response

Posted by elvis on 3/13/05 at 16:48 (171122)

Wow! Got a response already from Dolorclast. Here it is:

'We are currently waiting for FDA clearance of our product. The clinical study has been completed. However, you could go to Canada i.e. to Vancouver where DPM are offering the Swiss DolorClast with great success to treat plantar fasciitis. Please let me know if this would a feasible option for you and which city in Canada would be most convenient for you.

With best regards,


I'm not thrilled about going to Canada for political reasons but if the price was right pain overcomes politics every time! :-)

Re: Dolorclast Response

Dr. Z on 3/13/05 at 17:31 (171127)

Use heelspurs.com search engine for dolorclast. Ask Scott to see them all, by e-mailing him. I remember the first case from Canada that reported from this site

Re: Dolorclast Response

Ralph on 3/13/05 at 20:26 (171140)

They seem most accommodating. Let us know if you go to Canada. I wonder what they are charging and how long you'd have to stay.

From his response to you saying that their clinical studies are complete it sounds like they really expect FDA approval soon.

Were you able to find out if this is high power or low power? I think both were mentioned for this machine. Are you close to Vancouver?

With Canada having socialized medicine do you think you'd just pay the doctor outright for his services without going through their system?

Re: Dolorclast Response

Ralph on 3/13/05 at 20:40 (171141)

If its a low power machine and it get FDA approval I think it will be the first low power machine FDA approved to specifically treat Plantar Fasciitis.

Re: Dolorclast Response

Ralph on 3/13/05 at 22:02 (171144)

Here is an interesting find. Apparently the FDA study was done in 2002.
Here is a recruitment notice I found. You might want to contact the doctors. Maybe they could tell you some results or their experience with the machine. Just a thought.


Re: Dolorclast Response

elvis on 3/13/05 at 23:42 (171147)

Ralph..........I emailed Dolorclast again today to see if I could get an FDA exemption. He said NO. He also said they expect approval this year but he said it was impossible to predict.

He also gave me this website from a Canadian Group that uses the Dolorclast:


This is agood site. I watched both videos and Dr Boroditsky said 50% get full relief of symptoms after the first treatment. the normal course of treatment is 3 weekly treatment. Look at FAQ and you can see that the Doloclast costs under $1,000 CN per treatment. I will email these folks to and report back.

Re: Dolorclast Response

Ralph on 3/14/05 at 16:42 (171192)

I don't think any doctor in the U.S. can use that machine until it is approved by the FDA unless it was in connection with their testing. I could be wrong on this because I've heard of doctors for instance giving
certain cancer patients new drugs that are still in a testing stage. I don't know how these two things would compare thought. I simply thought that you might be able to get some information about their success or failure rate from one of the doctors that actually helped with the FDA testing. Just a thought. I'd be interesed in any response from them if you get one.

By the way is the DolorClast a high power or low power machine. Did anyone ever get that information?

Re: Dolorclast Response

elvis on 3/14/05 at 17:08 (171195)

Ralph....I was just checking to see if they coulduse the machine on my foot in an experimental way but it is clear that they can't. One the drug side of things, once a drug is approved for a specific use a doctor can prescribe it for 'off label' use. I assume the same thing applies to a machine if it is approved for a specific use say for plantar fasciitis. Once the machine is approved I suspect (but don't know for sure) that a doctor could use the machine in an 'off label' manner say for achillies tendonitis or tennis elbow. Maybe one of the doctors can comment.

In any event the guy at Dolorclast in Dallas was quite complimetary to the Canadian doctors who treat sports injuries. He said their success rate for chronic pf was 80%. For elliott's information the guy did not say how 'success' was measured. When I hear from the Canadian doctors I will post what they say. Look at their website that was given in a prior post.