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Pain in Heel- Doesn't fit typical PF areas

Posted by MDD on 3/14/05 at 06:57 (171154)

I was wondering if you can help me out with this one. I had PF in my left foot about 7 years ago while running on my Cross Country team in college. The pain was in the arch area, towards the heel, but very centralized. Stretching and ice (tennis balls and golf balls) seemed to speed the recovery process. Since then, I've worn arch supports in my sneakers and that seems to have eliminated the problem.

Today I have a very different type of pain and I don't know if it's PF or not. It's in my right foot, isolated to the outer, rear part of my heel. The pain starts to extend into the center of my heel if I stand in one place for a long time. It's much worse when I walk around the house barefoot on our all wood floors. Soft soled flip flops make all the difference when I'm home. When I attempted to massage it with a tennis ball (old PF trick), it did not improve the pain and I began to feel nauseous from the pain. Pointing my toe and foot cause the pain to entend up the outer edge of my foot, but not towards the middle. Pain is constant all day long and not worse in the am or pm. Any advice?? Thanks, MDD