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Ice or Heat for TTS??

Posted by Dave R on 3/14/05 at 11:02 (171173)

I have been told I have TTS. Nerve conduction test and MRI show mild TTS. My doc tells me I am not that bad yet to require surgery. One year ago I was an active healthy person, today this TTS has me about 50% of what I was.. Anyway, I find some relief with the heating pad, I have tried ice & it made it worse. The info I see here & other sites just talk about ice. I have no reaction to the 'Teinl's test' sp??. Thoughts / comments are welcome. Thanks

Re: Ice or Heat for TTS??

Ginger on 3/22/05 at 12:35 (171767)

Well I already had the surgery and am now on a nerve medication. I am only 42, not overweight, and it was not due to a condition. I wiped out on a stairwell and landed on the outside of the ankle. The EMG showed a great deal of nerve damage probably because the doctor tried to get me to walk it off and took almost 7 months to realize he had not sent me for a nerve test.

They used ice during my therapy before and after the surgery. Supposedly it reduces inflammation and can take some pressure off the nerve. I guess it is numbing as well. They even had me do this thing where you put the ice directly to the skin, moving it in circles, for a certain amount of time that it can not go over or under. It burns pretty bad for a minute or two.

I vote for whatever gives you any relief but I do prefer the ice myself.