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Posted by skully on 3/14/05 at 14:15 (171185)

I was considering asking my doctor about putting me on disability. I can't work between my foot and my back - some days I could but I never know WHEN. Its getting very hard to make it on hubby's income alone - our insurance is sucky and it would help us SO much if I could JUST get on medicare.

Has anyone ever went down this path? What was your experience?

At this point I'm having only about 3 good walking days out of the month - and my doctor and medication are costing more than a new car payment a month!

Re: Disability

ed d. on 3/15/05 at 18:39 (171259)

I have tts in booth feet and the surgery on one foot made it worse. i had to go on ssi. the arthritis in my hands was probably what helped the most

Re: Disability

Margie on 3/31/05 at 10:06 (172264)

I had surgeries on both feet 5 years ago for TTS. Unfortunately neither surgeries were any help in fact they made me more disable than before the surgeries. I am and have been trying to get my disablity from SSI but have been denied twice. I filed in Oct. 2001 after realizing my condition is not getting better but worse. Both doctors, the surgeon and physician state I am permanently disable and unable to work because of my nerve damage. I suffer from chronic nerve pain.
I feel the judges are fighting this because of my age (42)and because they do not understand TTS and how disabling it can be. It is taking so long that other health issues are surfacing.
I was on STD during my surgeries and having to be able to return to my employment as supervisor of a warehouse, (12 years) which I was unable to walk very far in any given day, they terminated my employment that left me without insurance for any medical expenses.
Spring is the hardest time for me because I can't go out and walk around the block or make a garden or play ball with my children, it is very depressing. And having to fight for supplements I paid for In case I became disabled and unable to work is very upsetting.
I have a new dr. who is addressing my pain, depression and insommia issues instead of saying 'yes you are disabled and sending my home.
He has me taking amitriptylin 50mg @ night, lexapro and neurontin. I am told it will take a while to see what works for me.
Sorry to be so negative but I am just sharing my experiences as in so far.

Still wish us luck

Re: Disability

skully on 4/03/05 at 13:23 (172495)

Do you have a lawyer?

I get angry. I've not even discussed it with anyone yet, I honestly don't expect anyone to understand since they didn't understand when this first started happening YEARS ago, and since I can't get a straight answer on the chances of surgery..I would love to have the surgery and this be fixed, but no one will tell me if it could already be permanent or not, or if it is a good idea or not....I've been trying to work by selling on ebay and doing stuff like that, but it is hard for me to get out and LOOK for things to sell. I made pretty good money before this got so bad - and I'll say its 5x worse after the nerve test, and I had a job I really loved. :(

It has been over a year since I've been able to work regularly, and its just getting worse. Its scary.

I know several people that get disability that are nowhere even as CLOSE to being as limited as I am.

Re: Disability

Margie on 4/04/05 at 09:31 (172544)

Yes I do have a lawyer (since 2002), but not impressed with his help yet. Hard to keep positive with anything at this point.
It does help to have people who are suffering with the same condition as me to cuss and discuss it with.
What kind of work were you doing?
Some of the reasons (I feel) my surgeries didn't work is because it took so long to diagnose so I kept walking and hurting (2 years) before I finally said I can't take it anymore and went to a specialist. Another reason is I had my surgeries on Feb. 25, 2000 and May 15, 2000. After studying the experiences of others the recoop. should be at least 6 month with PT on each foot.
One of my daughters broke her back (compressed fracture) in March 2000 and hospitalized for 7 days. Could not help her because I was on crutches and those things are hard to work. Don't know how many times I fell. My oldest daughter graduated a week after my second surgery so I went to that in a wheel chair. Very embarrassing. And my wild daughter that broke her back got better and then ran away from home and hasn't came back yet.
Just a few things to upset a person.