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Walking Cast for PF

Posted by Terri on 3/14/05 at 16:54 (171194)

Is it better to have a 'removable' or 'non-removable' cast? And what about the opposite foot? Will the stress on it cause long term problems such as PF?

Re: Walking Cast for PF

Richard, C.Ped on 3/15/05 at 08:21 (171211)

From a pedorthic point of view, I have had more people tell me they prefer the removable cast over the non. I have had to add heel lift to the other shoe because there is usually about an inch or more difference in the leg height when wearing a walking cast. If someone has to be in the cast for a long period of time, the lift comes in handy. It will reduce stress on the hips, knees, feet and back.

Re: Removable Walking Cast

Terri on 3/15/05 at 09:53 (171218)

I live in a rather large city but the doctor's around here say they don't do removable. Does it require some sort of special equipment or skill ???

Re: Walking Cast/Opposite Foot

Terri on 3/15/05 at 09:56 (171219)

If I wear a walking cast for 3-6 weeks won't the opposite foot be under a lot of stress even if I wear a lift on the shoe? I already have some symptoms of PF in the opposite foot. I am trying to think of benefits vs. the problems it might case and my doctor says no way to find out but put it on.

Re: Removable Walking Cast/Do you mean an air cast?

Terri on 3/15/05 at 10:18 (171221)

Do you mean an air cast when you say removable? That occured to me after I posted the message :<(

Re: Removable Walking Cast

Richard, C.Ped on 3/15/05 at 10:38 (171222)

No special skill, it is just a few straps. There are quite a few out there, and Air Cast is one of them. If the doc does not use them, it might be a personal preference. The lift in the other shoe is done to help even the gait. It still may put pressure, but not as much. I would have an orthosis done for the other shoe.

Re: Removable Walking Cast

SandyS on 3/15/05 at 21:08 (171263)

When wearing this type of cast, must you use crutches or can you just walk?

Re: Removable Walking Cast

Richard, C.Ped on 3/16/05 at 09:20 (171294)

You can just walk, although it is awkward. I have seen people use crutches
to get the full off loading of the foot.

Re: Walking Cast for PF

mikeb on 3/16/05 at 16:24 (171337)

i used a walking cast made by darco, check it out on the web. it is like a ski boot. easy to walk with and fairly comfortable. and, most importantly, it worked. used it for about 6-8 weeks. gl.

Re: Walking Cast for PF

AM S on 1/25/06 at 18:24 (192131)

But the problem with walking boots is that its open toe. And it looks akward. But with a cast, you can purchase a cast boot, or two darco all purpose boots and wear one on each foot, so that it looks the same on both legs.

Re: Removable Walking Cast/Do you mean an air cast?

mike t on 9/24/06 at 10:58 (211131)

How soon after a sub-taylor fusion of my left ankle can my cast be removed and an air-cast boot or similar be fitted