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Posted by SandyB on 3/16/05 at 02:42 (171280)

Is anyone familiar with Theta-Orthotics.com
They offer several levels of arch support with the idea that the feet get used to the lower levels/degrees of support and then you move on to the higher levels (up to 40 degrees?)for more relief. Reminds me of the Walkfits mentioned in another thread-they come with three different levels of inserts. And they're a lot cheaper. Thanks for any advice.

Re: Theta-Orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 3/16/05 at 08:36 (171286)

Hi Sandy,
I would be VERY careful about this. Taking your own impression does not work. I do not care what anyone says, or how much flack I will get about my answer, you can not properly take your own impression. Pushing your foot down will allow muscles to flex. That will create 'hollows' in the cast. You also can not control your foot to stay in neutral.

I don't know what you saw that was less expensive. His prices are more than mine, and I custom make orthosis start to finish.

I would be careful.

Re: Theta-Orthotics

SandyB on 3/16/05 at 15:15 (171327)

Thanks for the heads up about taking my own impression. The cheaper inserts I saw were the WalkFits. No self-measurements involved; you just get three pairs of inserts in three heights to see which fits better. About $20.00

Re: Theta-Orthotics

Gaileen on 3/17/05 at 04:02 (171375)

I have had special orthotics made by the foot doctor, how ever I found them to be very hard to get used to. Iam still trialling them,not to give up but I get more relief with the orthoheal I bought at the chemist. I also found that stretching calf muscle has given me relief I do stretches every morning and evening. I had this condition once before but this time I over did it in a marathon walk, Now I am paying the price. Like everyone else with this condition. I am getting my foot xrayed because Iam not sure if its PL or stress fractures. I will keep you posted.

Re: Theta-Orthotics

SandyB on 3/17/05 at 13:10 (171416)

You say you had this once before, what helped you with it then? Did it go away completely? I just started the stretches recommended on this site and they've helped already. What kind of orthheal did you buy? I hope you get good news w/the xray (which condition would be better?)

Re: Theta-Orthotics

Ed Davis. DPM on 3/27/05 at 03:38 (172010)

I have seen all the adds and agree that one should careful with such products. There is no scientific measurement in the foot called 'theta.'

Re: Theta-Orthotics

Donna J on 7/25/07 at 07:08 (233533)

I am trying Theta Orthotics. Has anyone out there had luck with Theta besides the people on their site? They sent me the mold to do a custom orthotic, said my arch was at 15% but sent me a 20% to start on. The ortho's go under the insole of your shoe and you are told that if your shoes goes up and down your heel the shoe is too small. My shoes never did that before the orthotic. I tried buying smaller shoes, got rubbed toes, in my size shoe I get rubbed and blistered heels. The price isn't cheap, and at this point my feet hurt so bad I'm not getting around to do anything, let alone try on 50 pairs of shoes at the shoe store to see if one works with the orthotic. I asked to go down to a 15 and still have arch pain and rubbed heels. I'd like to go to a full size insole with my 15 inside it but they advise me to get a 20. I can barely stand the 15, why would I want to go back up to the 20? Has anyone else been down this road?

Re: Theta-Orthotics

anneo on 4/03/08 at 22:00 (245474)

Hey, I live in Wyoming, what should I do? I have Morton's neuroma. So far the only thing that has helped to at least allow me to walk almost normal, was the birkenstock blue arch that was specifically for metatarsal support. HELP!