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Question for a friend about neuromas

Posted by Ralph on 3/16/05 at 19:18 (171358)

Is it possible to have a neruoma on the bottom of your foot? My friend
was recently told that the small pea size bump on the bottom of his foot is a neuroma. It's causing him pain.

I've see what he is talking about and it's located is about 1 inch behind the where the toe closest to the baby toe is attached and directly on the bottom of his foot. I'd describe it's location in the ball of the foot rather than between the toes. Sometimes it's visable and sometimes it's not according to my friend, but you can always feel it he says especially when he walks on it.

He had an MRI and the doctor told him it was a neuroma? If this is the case would it be treated any differently than a regular neruoma?

He currently uses a corn circle thing to pad it so he ends up walking on the corn pad with the hole in it instead of the bump.

Re: Question for a friend about neuromas

elliott on 3/17/05 at 10:11 (171395)

Yes, a neuroma can be on the bottom of the foot. Mine were. At the same time, my incisions were done dorsally (on top of the foot) and the neuroma was still visualized and removed. Some docs prefer a plantar incision to better see the neuroma on bottom, but recovery is typically longer, and now you have a permanent incision on the bottom of your foot; there may be other complications too. I personally would be reluctant to have a plantar incision, but that's me. Your friend may want to ask the doc whether he uses a dorsal or plantar approach.

Re: Question for a friend about neuromas

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/22/05 at 17:18 (171790)

I agree. I would reserve the plantar approach for redos (very few) and atypical neuromas -- something we can hopefully pick up with sonography.