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To Fed Up

Posted by Ralph on 3/17/05 at 10:16 (171397)

I may not like the way you say things which at times appear to me to be a little harsh, but I'm also not ready to put aside the points that you bring up.

I don't believe that any of your posts suggest that you'd prefer foot surgery over ESWT, I just hear you saying that you are hesitant about the reliability of ESWT as reported on this site and in certain studies that you've pointed out.

From the name that you post, apparently you are fed up, angry and feel the need to let the rest of us hear a flip size to this ESWT coin.

I myself wouldn't mind hearing from doctors that do not believe in ESWT and their reasons for this disbelief. Not every doctor, Podiatrist or Orthopedic, believes in this treatment, in the positive light, that it is presented studies or no studies, percentages or no percentages of cure rates.

My only suggestion and I hope that you will not take it harshly or negatively is that you try to present your personal account and ESWT knowledge in a less angry mannor. I think you would be more effective
in presenting your opinions and have less risk of being rejected by others.

For me not everything in ESWT land can be presented as rosy at least from the various posts that I've read on this site. I still continue learning from everyone here and from what I read elsewhere about P.F. and its treatment options.

I hope my post brings no offence to you.

Re: To Fed Up

Terri on 3/17/05 at 10:34 (171400)

My cousin in an ortopeadic surgeron and he does the fascia release surgery ( and he does a lot of them ) but he will not do ESTW. He doesn't think there is enough research on it.

Re: To Fed Up

elvis on 3/17/05 at 12:36 (171407)

Terri.........Do you know if he discloses to his patients that ESWT is available? About the only thing I've learned here is that ESWT is very safe and very unlikely to cause adverse side effects. Personally, I think it is a 'no-brainer' to try ESWT before surgery. It's common sense. If it doesn't work for me then I have the option of surgery still open.

Take a look at the video of the fascia release surgery. Here's a link. Click on 'Minimally Invasive Surgery.' There's no way I want the bottom of my heel cut open if there's even a 1% chance of success of ESWT or any other non invasive treatment.

Ralph...........Unfortunately, the way the medical system is set up surgeons make a living doing surgery regardless if it is on the foo or not. I had an emergency appendectomy in 2001. The surgeon on-call gave me an option of open surgery or laproscopic surgery. That's a no-brainer as long as the surgeon has expertise in laproscopy. Mine did so I had it done that way. If I was assigned a surgeon who didn't do laproscopy then it wouldn't have been an optoin and he wouldn't advocate laproscopy. I think itwould be fruitless to have doctors get involved here who are against ESWT. On the otherhand I would like to hear from doctors who perform ESWT but have questions about its effectiveness.

Re: To Fed Up

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/17/05 at 12:42 (171408)

The cutting from the bottom is the least traumatic pf release procedure. In the next year plus there is going to universal ESWT insurance coverage and since insurance covers the procedure patients won't be asking many questions. I don't agree that this but it is just the way in the USA.
I can see it now . ESWT then if no relief pf release in 12 weeks. Doctors/Patients won't want to have 2nd treatments or wait . This is a fast paced world I guess

Re: Ralph

Fed Up Also on 3/17/05 at 14:18 (171424)

Sorry, if my tone appears harsh and I am not offended by your post.

As walking girl brought up, this site has all the appearence of a one sided, the doctors that post here know best. There are studies out there both positive and negative regarding ESWT.

I would like the potential ESWT patients to be informed as to both the pros and cons of this treatment. Like I've said before, any procedure, regardless carries some sort of risk.

I felt I was misled (and I am sure there are many others) as to what to expect, I was painted a very rosey picture (i.e. last procedure you'll ever need, no need for surgery, you'll be dancing in the streets, etc.).

Had I done the research then, read the reports of both the pros and cons, it still hard to say whether I would completed the ESWT (more than likely NOT), but I as many others are was looking for golden ring of no more foot pain and according to most of the web sites and doctors promoting ESWT thats what to be expected, prompt, quick, no more pain results.

Like the post card I recieved, with the beautiful women (I am a guy), walking bare foot in the garden with the caption, 'Do you remember the days without pain?' Turn it over, it's an advertisement for ESWT.

Sorry, I'll try and tone down the posts.....


Re: Ralph

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/17/05 at 14:27 (171425)

Fed up,
I would think you would be angry at your doctor not the procedure. ESWT helps alot of patients but the doctor is just as important. I would like to see this postcard you are talking about. Would you send it to me.

Re: Dr. Zuckerman

Fed Up Also on 3/17/05 at 15:43 (171435)

I will scan and post the post card to a image sharing site sometime tonight.

The doctor preformed the procedure as discribed but gave the same song and dance about it being the cure to beat all cures. How can I be upset with him when I was shown the http://www.eswtusa.com site, it impressed me, soon to be relieved of all that pain, without surgery, sign me up.

Re: Dr. Zuckerman

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/17/05 at 17:44 (171448)

You doctor is responsible for explaining the procedure to you, all risks, benefits and the fact there is no promise it will cure you. I do this will all of my patients and I even place in writing and read to them. There is no promise that you will be cured. I do understand how you feel. You spend money and it doesn't work out. I wish ESWT was 100%.

Re: Dr. Zuckerman

vince on 3/17/05 at 21:26 (171459)

Universal insurance coverage for ESWT in 2006- What a dream that is. It will be covered but they will pay so little that it will be uneconomical for the providers of the equipment and the docs so the business will be killed. Podies of the world-take heed- you better pack in the pf patients now from all the insurance co's that currently pay now because they are about to kill the goose that laid the golden egg

Re: Dr. Zuckerman

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/18/05 at 07:49 (171476)

What a negative view.