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Foot odor

Posted by Wayne A. on 3/18/05 at 07:30 (171474)

Clean feet, new socks and new shoes??? My feet sweat no matter what shoes I wear. After wearing shoes all day, socks wet my feet smell terrible. I wash my feet at night and again in the morning before I put on my socks and shoes. What can I do ?
Thank you,
Wayne A.

Re: Foot odor

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/18/05 at 07:48 (171475)

Formalin spray, (prescripton need to see podiatrist ). Get a complete examination to rule out causes. Any diabetes?

Re: Foot odor

Wayne A. on 3/18/05 at 08:15 (171478)

No Diabetes I know of, this has just started in the last couple of weeks.I have thrown away the shoes that are smelly ( 3 pairs )and the socks are washed in very hot water with soap. I wear Rockport shoes most of the time, and wear tennis shoes on weekends.I never wear the same shoes the next day.
I am on high blood pressure, gout and allergy medicine, and have for the last couple of years, could that cause it?

Re: Foot odor

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/18/05 at 09:44 (171485)

The fact that this is just three weeks has me puzzled. I would have to examine you. The formalin 10% would be the first treatment or Sana balm foot powder Still need to find the cause

Re: Foot odor

Rose on 3/22/05 at 21:47 (171800)

Just a comment about throwing away shoes. I have found that athletic shoes may be washed in a washing machine with soal, warm water and bleach and come out disinfected, clean and odor free. They do not shrink either. I have washed New Balance, Brooks and various other brands and they all do fine. I talked to a salesman of those shoe cleaners once and he told me that he also washed his shoes in bleach. Interesting.

Re: Foot odor

Mar on 3/23/05 at 10:32 (171821)

I recently had a recurrence of the sweating problem as well, something that I haven't had for years. Mine even sweat when I have nothing on my feet -- soaking wet! I found that spraying the shoes with lysol and the feet with a foot deoderant really helps. Cotton socks are much better than nylon too, and leather shoes better than synthetic. The bonus is that I have less pain when my feet are sweating! Good luck! Mar

Re: Foot odor

ray on 3/26/05 at 22:49 (172000)

try washing your feet

Re: Foot odor

Julie on 3/27/05 at 01:41 (172002)


Excessive sweating is a distressing medical problem, for which Mar and Wayne are seeking advice from the doctors. You yourself have been asking for help here for several weeks (if you are the same 'Ray'). How would you feel if someone posted such a frivolous solution to your distress?

Maybe you were 'just joking'?

Re: Foot odor

ray on 3/27/05 at 16:33 (172030)

wash both feet with soap and hot water it will always take the smell away try foot powder ? this is free advise