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Dr. Altamiranos's Tendinopathy of thumb / wrist

Posted by Luis on 3/18/05 at 09:27 (171483)

After a 1 year chronic condition of a synnovial sheath inflamatory and painfull condition known as De Quervain's (stenosing tenosynovitis), and a failed cortisone infiltration, I personally placed myself under 3 treatments, at once a week intervals, treating the tendermost sites.

Being a Chiropractic physician , I did not want to face the risk of surgery and need constant use of my hands for work , I decided to use a firend's ESWT device (Sonocur). I am 90% better after my second treatment.

Re: Dr. Altamiranos's Tendinopathy of thumb / wrist

Dr. Zuckerman on 3/18/05 at 09:42 (171484)

It is one of the indications for ESWT. You may want to read more about this on http://www.ismst.com .

Re: Dr. Altamiranos's Tendinopathy of thumb / wrist

Cori P on 3/18/05 at 13:47 (171507)

Hi Dr. Altamiranos,

I am currently using a sonocur machine in Canada and was curious as to what protocols you used on yourself. I have never treated the thumb or wrist but have had many inquiries regarding this area. The biggest concern is the nerve innervation in the area. I am very interested in hearing your experience.

Cori P, PainFree ESWT

Re: Dr. Altamiranos's Tendinopathy of thumb / wrist

Ed Davis. DPM on 3/27/05 at 03:11 (172004)

Glad to see it worked. ESWT has a specific effect on tendinopathies and enthesopathies that is not geographic as in effect as far as the human bdy is concerned. The official 'indications' are only manifestations of FDA approval or lack of.