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Squeaking Orthotics

Posted by Kathy G on 3/18/05 at 10:07 (171489)

After literally months of searching, I think I've finally found a pair of running shoes I can tolerate. I was wearing the Asics Gel Cumulus II's and had bought eight pair of them and they all finally wore out. I finally found that the Asics Gel Cumulus VI's seem the most comfortable although I'm still in a trial period. My one problem with them is that my FootMaxx orthotics really squeak loudly in them.

Wrapping my orthotics with duct tape didn't work because it would get all bunched up and sticky. Powder didn't work. So I emailed FootMaxx yesterday and they quickly responded. They said that squeaky orthotics are usually the result of air movement below the orthotic, in which case, a couple of tissue underneath the orthotics should do the trick. The other case could be due to the orthotics being too loose in the shoe and the edges of the orthotics rub on the shoes. In that case, they said to rub some bar soap on the edges of the orthotics.

I figured it was the air movement so I tried a couple of tissues below the orthotics and now I can sneak up on anybody!

I assume this would work with any kind of orthotic. Hope it helps someone else who's squeaking out there! :)

Re: Squeaking Orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 3/18/05 at 12:00 (171494)

I don't know about the 'air' answer, but I just took some EVA material and filled in the arch with it. Works great.

Re: Squeaking Orthotics

Kathy G on 3/18/05 at 19:49 (171534)

Oh, that's a good idea! You are brilliant, Richard! :)

Re: Squeaking Orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 3/21/05 at 08:02 (171650)

Thats my job.
Its what I do.

Re: Squeaking Orthotics

Grace A on 8/19/05 at 19:58 (180836)

What's EVA material?