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cardio with PF

Posted by jmccall on 3/18/05 at 13:44 (171506)

Hi Im new to the boards. I have had PF for a month now, but I think I have a bad case of it. I am never away from the pain. This is taking over my life and totally depressing me. I can't walk anywhere, so I spend most of my days in my apartment. :-( Anyway, part of the reason I have this is my weight which has shot up to a dangerous level for my frame. My question is, and this may have been posted already and if so Im sorry, but what exercises can I do without hurting it. I really am not fond of swimming so that is not an option. I have been going to the gym and doing the stationary bike (the one where you sit down) and surprisingly enough my heel seems to feel good right after! I just spoke with someone on another posting board that said that the bike can do damage! what have you heard? I am also getting orthodics on Monday so that will also help me stablize when I exercise
thank you

Re: cardio with PF

Terri on 3/18/05 at 14:31 (171512)

I am not able to ride the bike. It makes my foot worse. I only do the weights at the gym sitting down. I found any exercise on my feet makes it worse. I've recoving from a bad case of it. I used to walk for exercise but gave that up. It got so I could hardly walk and had to stop wearing dress shoes to work. I have spent a lot of time sitting at home too. I got depressed and went to go to a counselor that dealt with chronic pain. That helped a lot.

Re: cardio with PF

SteveG on 3/18/05 at 17:35 (171520)

Jmccall - many of us with PF ride the bike as a form of exercise, in fact I just got back from the gym. I would recommend the following:

1. Use the straps to secure your foot. Make the strap as large as you can and make sure your foot fits snugly in the strap. I wear a Brooks beast to the gym since I can get the foot further in the strap. This will keep you from putting too much pressure on the bottom of your foot.

2. Keep the resistance down. I start at 4, go to 5 or 6. This keeps my heart at about 130-135, which is all you need.

As with all exercise, monitor your foot for a day after you bike. If you don't notice a increase in discomfort, you can probably keep the bike at that resistance level. However, you may have to experiment a bit.

Re: cardio with PF

Buck T. on 3/18/05 at 18:36 (171524)

Hi Jmccall: If you have Pf, you will have to do things you aren't fond of. I am recovering from severe pf problems and don't like to swim either. But I am swimming at community center and have been able to lose 20 pounds and combat depression, besides getting a good workout. I can't ride any exercise bycycle, but that's just me.

Buck T.

Re: cardio with PF

Julie on 3/19/05 at 01:53 (171543)

With PF, pain is a good indicator: any activity that causes it is causing further microtears, and the message is: back off, stop. If you don't get pain with the bike, I don't think you need to be concerned about damage.

Some people who Haven't been able to use the sit-up bike have found the recumbent bike ok.

I agree with Buck, though: swim! There is no better all-round exercise for cardiovascular fitness and stretching.

Re: cardio with PF

jmccall on 3/19/05 at 02:28 (171546)

Thank you so much for all your info! So far when I do the bike I actually feel A LOT better... the pain in my foot goes AWAY.. but only for about 5-10 min.. but better than nothing. I will monitor it to make sure its not feeling any pain though. Thank you all so much!
p.s. I started wearing shoes.. these sketchers sandals around the house.. and it has made HUGE difference.. Im about go to buy like 10 more pairs. :-)

thanks again!

Re: cardio with PF

Julie on 3/19/05 at 04:11 (171547)

Actually, what you should monitor is how your feet feel the next day, after you've used the bike (or done any other exercise). Setbacks often take a while to show up. So give yourself a day's space in between workouts: that way you'll have a better idea of how your feet have been affected. A few minutes without pain is nice, but not really significant.

I see you are new to the board. Please read the heel pain book for good information about PF and the many options for treating it.

Re: cardio with PF

Ed Davis. DPM on 3/27/05 at 03:35 (172009)

keep in mind that almost any of the machines at a health club, when used with high reps and low resistance can give you an aerobic workout. Health club owners have their clubs designed to have you get the cardio from multiple treadmills, stairclimers, bikes so they prefer not to see clients tying up the other machines for cardio workouts.