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OssaTron Cost San Diego

Posted by elvis on 3/18/05 at 21:21 (171537)

My doctor's office called today with the information on insurance coverage. She saod Blue Shield has actually sent out letters saying they don't cover ESWT. She also said that someone at the OssaTron company told her that ESWT was now a category 3 Code procedure but that they were hoping to get a permanent code number on it in the summer. If it gets a code number then insurance companies will more likely pay for the procedure. Can anyone comment on this information.

The cost in San Diego for OssaTRon is the following

doctor fee: $1,000 one foot.........1,500 for both
surg center fee: $1,800 one foot........3,600 for both
anesthesia $300 per foot

I had asked for a local only but I don't know if the above quote was for local only or both local and sedation.

Re: OssaTron Cost San Diego

vince on 3/19/05 at 06:44 (171551)

Elvis- why are you avoiding using a doctor that treats with a Dornier? United Shockwave has doctors in San Diego that use their Dornier and if Blue Cross doesn't pay for the treatment you will only have the doctors fee and no surgery center or anesthsia cost.

Re: OssaTron Cost San Diego

vince on 3/19/05 at 07:12 (171553)

United Shockwave's website list about 20 Podiatrists within 50 miles of San Diego zip code 92130.

Re: OssaTron Cost San Diego

elvis on 3/19/05 at 13:02 (171576)

vince.....thank you for keeping my interests in mind. I have called a local podiatrist who uses the Dornier. Just on one phone call he was a little bit pushy about setting up an appoointment to get the ESWT done. I'm checking him out and haven't heard back. So I haven't made up my mind. I reported here before that his charge is $800 and the 'equipment company' will not charge me anything but will pursue reimbursement from the insurance company (Blue Shield). I assume he is with the United group because I got his name from the zipcode finder on the United website. I have also asked for and got nformation from Dr Z's office. I also go to this fancy foot doctor (orthopod foot specialist) in La Jolla who came highly recommended from the San Diego Chargers former orthodpedic surgeon. The La Jolla foot specialist uses the OssaTron. I really don't care what machine I use nor who does it. What I'm looking for is the best shot at getting my heel to stop hurting. The radial shock wave Dolorclast sounded intriguing and I want more information and expect a call from the doctor's office who conducted the Dolorclast FDA trials. As I said before information is empowerment. I'm trying to lose weight and will make my decision probably in May unless something really promising shows up.

Re: OssaTron Cost San Diego

vince on 3/19/05 at 17:17 (171593)

I wish you good luck with your weight loss. Weight loss is probably one of the more significant factors in reducing the effects of PF.