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Dr. Pearl Question

Posted by Dr. Z on 3/19/05 at 23:27 (171613)

Are you saying that most ESWT protocols for insertional achilles tendinosis are using some type of cast post treatment?

ESWT treatment versus 38% of patients in the control, 'sham treatment,' group. In a retrospective small trial by Gordon, Eickmeier et al. there were favorable outcomes in 60% of Achilles tendonopathies. But Eickmeier has noted that following their initial report they have refined their technique and are now projecting roughly 80% success rates with insertional Achilles tendonopathy. It should be noted that most protocols for Achilles treatment suggest four to six weeks of casting after the procedure to protect the Achilles. This effect will need to be evaluated in future controlled studies.

Re: Dr. Pearl Question

Dr Ben Pearl on 4/04/05 at 01:49 (172539)

This protocol was suggested to me by Dr. Eickmeier as well as some of the other articles I reviewed.

Re: Dr. Pearl Question

Joseph L on 3/20/06 at 20:09 (195849)

what is the likelihood of success for ESWT on a partial tear of the achilles tendon at the medial insertion?