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to: Ralph re: update needed

Posted by vince on 3/20/05 at 10:40 (171620)

Once again I will state that I have no financial interest in ESWT. I am not a doctor. I was a patient who has had significant results from ESWT.
As far as my post being technical- I can discuss many subjects on a very technical basis. What subject would you like to discuss with me? How about we talk about what you think is causing the universe to expand at a faster and faster rate? Or we can discuss the effects on the economy of alternative energy in the personal transportation industry? Or maybe it's astonomy you're intersted in- have you done any reading lately about the Tarantula Nebula? Do you know where it is without looking on google? I don't think so. So please stop making wrong assumptions because of my technical posts.

Re: to: Ralph re: update needed

Dr. Z on 3/20/05 at 11:08 (171621)

How about a list of United shockwave doctors that are using ESWT to CLE

Re: to: Ralph re: update needed

vince on 3/20/05 at 12:22 (171623)

D Z. 'CLE' ?
Also, should we take this discussion to the social board or 'Ask the Dr.'?

Re: to: Ralph re: update needed

Dr. Z on 3/20/05 at 13:13 (171626)

Simple question. Could you give a list of United Shockwave Doctor who treat tennis elbow with ESWT

Re: to: Ralph re: update needed

vince on 3/20/05 at 15:08 (171629)

I have no idea who or where the docs are. I assume that they are orthopods.

Re: to: Ralph re: update needed

john on 3/20/05 at 22:15 (171641)

Does United have any orthopods?? I thought that they concentrated on podiatrists.

Re: to: Ralph re: update needed

vince on 3/21/05 at 05:54 (171646)

I don't know anything about United that is not available from their website,what I have read here, what I have personanly experienced or what my podiatrist has told me. As far as United 'having orthopods' I am not sure what that means. I was told that they treat other body parts in additon to feet so I assumed it was done with MD's. Maybe they aren't all orthopods. My wife is currently being treated so the subject comes up. During the visit the podiatrist asks me how I'm doing and we sometime briefly discuss the subject of ESWT .


Re: to: vince and others

Ralph on 3/21/05 at 09:47 (171668)

By continuing to post under the thread 'to Ralph Re: update needed' makes it appear as though I am continuning to badger Vince with questions when in fact he is now responding to posts by others. How about removing my name from the title if anyone has continued questions for Vince.

Re: For Ralph

Julie on 3/21/05 at 10:03 (171670)

Hi Ralph

That's a problem! It's happened to me loads of times, and I think you'll have to grin and bear it. Some of us remember to change the subject heading when we post, but most don't, and the result is that long threads wind on and on with the same heading, which usually becomes irrelevant after three or four posts.

Notice I've changed the heading now to 'For Ralph'. If this thread goes on, every post after mine will probably have this same heading even if it has nothing to do with you. But at least it won't read 'For Raklph'. How I wished people would change that one - but no-one ever did.

Re: For Ralph

Ralph on 3/21/05 at 10:49 (171677)

Perhaps just by reminding people that they have the ability to change the title on 'their' own post may help. Raklph sounds a bit like an elfs name:*

Re: For Ralph

Julie on 3/21/05 at 11:03 (171678)

The reminder is there: each post window says 'Please use a meaningful subject heading'. But you can't make people do it. Horses to water, and all that. You'd think people would notice and change typos, though.

Re: Re

elliott on 3/21/05 at 11:18 (171680)

And what about the superfluous 'Re:'?


Re: Re

Julie on 3/21/05 at 11:57 (171689)

Indeed. :)