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plantar fascial release

Posted by renee l on 3/21/05 at 14:55 (171713)

i've had 3 operations done on my left foot, tarsel tunnel, plantar fascial release twice. my question is , is it possible to have to have two plantar fascial release done?

Re: plantar fascial release

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/22/05 at 16:24 (171783)

Surgery is always a last resort for PF. It really does not work that well. Consider ESWT.

Re: plantar fascial release

Fed Up Also on 3/22/05 at 18:08 (171792)

Imagine that, a ESWT provider saying PF release doesn't work that well, and saying TRY ESWT (in other words, more money, more money, more money!!!)$$$$

Re: plantar fascial release

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/23/05 at 20:59 (171856)

To Fed Up Also:
I make 3 times as much money on surgery as I do on ESWT so your accusation is unfounded. Please take your frustrations and hostility elsewhere.

Re: plantar fascial release

milley on 3/24/05 at 07:01 (171868)

I agree with Dr. Ed your comments were uncalled for. He is on this board to try to help, he does that out of his on free will and doesn't ask for money, so that should tell you about his moral character! I am fed up with it as well, I have had 6 surgery's in a year and out 80,000.00 dollars on this foot and in the same pain I started with, and after having two epf's on the same foot I'm here to tell you that Epf surgery is not what it is cracked up to be! Had I of known about eswt I would of done that first!
If I or anyone else had a fail proof method of curing this I dont think we would all still be in pain. Be mad at technology not being up to date, not Dr. ED.

Re: plantar fascial release

ray on 3/26/05 at 22:43 (171999)

p.f. does work it just takes a long time to heal and for people like me who suffered 3 years and tried all other methods to rid of this pain i belive eswt would work in very early stages of p.f. as i know it has a low sucess rateif it was so great the U.S. would be using it a long time ago my p.c.p. said foot doctors are good for small or non surgecal preceders that orthopedic surgent should be doing p.f. surgery i really belive this as now i had this surgery and 3 different ft doctors dont know what to do with the pain i have after 9 mo out of surgery before surgery one ft doc said i had one ft longer than the other one ft doc said i had a weak big toe one ft doc said i had a crocked heal my ft doc who did my surgery said i would be back to nomal in 4 weeks im still healing its been 9 months foot doctors should be fishermen because they cannotever pinpoint your ft problems they just guess ask 3 different doctors the same question and your get 3 different answers at 3 mo after my surgery i got nerve entrapment from surgery and got a second and third opoion one doc said he would just cut the nerve for 2500$ ' pain went away with scare tissue shot

Re: plantar fascial release

milley on 3/28/05 at 08:09 (172045)

renee, you are the only other person I have heard of other then myself that has had the epf done twice, how long of a time span was inbetween them and how is the pain now! I had two as well, that means it can be done twice but it's effectiveness that I can not say as of yet? Where are you from just cursious if the same set of doctors?