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Posted by Ralph on 3/21/05 at 16:05 (171722)

I found the Dr. Gordon that the first 8 from this site went to for ESWT treatment. He is in Toronto. Here is his web site. I emailed him and will post any response if I get one.

I don't know how up to date his website is but is says he can perform treatment that isn't available in the U.S. Don't know if he is speaking about his Ossatron prior to its approval in the U.S. or that new DolorClast machine. I asked him about both.

Here is his website if you want to contact him too. http://www.shockwavedoc.com I'm assuming you haven't gotten a reply back from the DolorClast test doctors yet.

I figured Dr. Gordon would be up on all the machines availabe in Canada.

Re: Elvis

elvis on 3/21/05 at 17:55 (171736)

Ralph....I got a call from the West Coast Orthopeduc Group today. The lady I talked to said that the FDA trials were 'really good.' So what else is new huh? Anyway the lady was very nice. She said that the doctor was in surgery today but that she would talk to her this afternoon after I emailed her my history and questions. I asked her when the Dolorclast machine was going to be approved and she thought 'her' machine was already approved by the FDA but that they hadn't received the machine. I think this lady was confused. Anyway they will get back to me.

Re: Elvis

Ralph on 3/21/05 at 19:08 (171738)

I took a look at Dr. Gordons site again and he has the DolorClast on it so hopefully he will respond with information on his use of this machine and how it compares to his Ossatron treatments if he is still using them too.

Sounds like you got a office person who wasn't up on what has happened since the tests in her office but if you get the doctor to contact you it will be indeed interesting to hear their take on this machine.

I wonder what they tested it on? If it was only on P.F. or other tissue sites too.

Re: West Coast Orthopedics

elvis on 3/21/05 at 23:18 (171742)

ralph...here's a link to their website


No mention of ESWT but Dr Frey did the FDA trial. She is a foot specialist.

Re: West Coast Orthopedics

Ralph on 3/22/05 at 08:11 (171749)

I'd say they have pretty impressive resumes. It will be interesting to hear something from them.

Re: Ralph...... West Coast Orthopedics

elvis on 3/23/05 at 11:54 (171827)

Ralph........I just got a call from West Coast Orthopedics. They say the FDA approval for dolorclast is expected at the end of the summer. It must be low energy because they used no local anesthia during the FDA trials. They continue to follwo up on their patients frm the FDA trial. The success rate is between 80-85%. We did not discuss what 'success' meant!

Re: Ralph...... West Coast Orthopedics

Ralph on 3/23/05 at 12:33 (171833)

During the trial they were treating P.F. correct? Haven't heard back from Dr. Gordon's office. Maybe I'll call them.

Re: Ralph...... West Coast Orthopedics

elvis on 3/23/05 at 17:18 (171841)

Yes. Dr Frey is a foot specialist.