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We must be like herding cats.........

Posted by marie on 3/21/05 at 16:17 (171726)


This is quite the group. I bet Scott feels like he's herding a bunch of cats some days. Well here's to all you crazy cats.

Have a nice evening. I'm headed back to the sofa and taking my cold and fever with me.

Re: We must be like herding cats.........

JudyS on 3/22/05 at 23:16 (171807)

Oh no Marie! Are you Sofa Girl #6?

Re: Sofa Girl #6

marie on 3/23/05 at 09:52 (171818)

Unfortunately......I wasn't sure what number you guys were up too.

I'm headed to the docs office this afternoon. I just hate goin to the doctor's office. No offense to the docs here........I just hate waiting around in the waiting room with a bunch of other sofa girls and recliner boys.

Re: Sofa Girl #6

john h on 3/23/05 at 10:13 (171820)

Marie take along the book 'How to win friends and influence people'. I am a sofa guy as I like to prop my feet up on top of the sofa and the cat enjoys sitting on my chest to watch the games with me. My wife will not bring me a beer or anything. She just says get it yourself. No one ever told me wifes would react like that when I got married.

Re: Sofa Girl #6

marie on 3/23/05 at 11:54 (171828)

John........I don't think I can read anything right now my head is spinning. I'll just be happy to stare at the wall. Believe me no one wants to be my friend right now.

Good for your wife! My cats are sleeping next to me. At least two of them are. The third cat doesn't like me.........she doesn't like perfume or hairspray. Is there a book on how to 'influence cats and win cat friends'. Hannah is definately a man's cat.If she could she'd bring my hubby a beer.......cause it's not happening here.

Well we do do nice things for each other......like he's gonna go get my medicine so I can go back to bed. I'll have to do something nice for him when I feel better.

I bought a bunch of old Life magazines at a flea market. I'm going to curl up and go through them. I love reading old magazines.

Ok.......I'm rambling........better go back to the sofa.

Re: Sofa Girl #6

john h on 3/23/05 at 19:01 (171850)

I also have three cats. Two have been with me for years and the third one I adapted last year when he fell out of a tree and broke his rear leg completely to the tune of a $800 surgery. He walks sort of crooked but gets around fine in the house. Cannot ever let him go outside. My other two cats tolerate him at best. They do not have claws and he does but for what ever reason he lets both of them bully him around and never scratches them even if they bite him.

Re: Sofa Girl #6

marie on 3/23/05 at 21:18 (171857)

I remember when your cat fell out of the tree last year. Sounds like he's pretty well healed. He's lucky to have been adopted by you!


Re: Here's what happens when men try to make the perfect wife!

marie on 3/24/05 at 17:49 (171911)


Watch out you may get more then what you bargained for!

Re: Here's what happens when men try to make the perfect wife!

John H on 3/25/05 at 08:31 (171935)

this is an oxymoron-----

Re: Here's what happens when men try to make the perfect wife!

Kathy G on 3/25/05 at 09:23 (171940)

My computer is working! I'd forgotten about that segment from the 'Rocky and Bullwinkle Show,' Marie. Cute!

John, all of us here are perfect mates. Just ask any one of us!