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question to Richard C. Ped. ( custom made orthotics online )

Posted by Fernando on 3/21/05 at 23:50 (171743)

I can't afford 300 or 400 dollars orthotics, but I just found this web site ( http://www.orthoticsdirect.com ) that supposedly offers the same custom made orthotics for 157 dollars, what do you think about this?? could anyone make good orthotics without even touching my feet?? ( they send the foam impression kit to take my feet impression)...
thank you

Re: question to Richard C. Ped. ( custom made orthotics online )

Richard, C.Ped on 3/23/05 at 09:35 (171816)

My personal opinion is that you can not have a proper pair of orthotics made if you take the impression yourself. If you stand, you can not get the proper sub talor neutral position needed for the orthosis to work. Here is a perfect example. If someone has flat feet, and stands to take their impression, what type of impression do you get? A flat foot impression. Also, you allow your foot to 'bottom out' in the impression box, causing a flat heel. It will not work.

If they tell you to sit while taking your impression, that does not work either. When you try to push your own foot down, you flex the muscles causing a 'divot' in the cast. Trying to fix that divot will cause the orthosis to not match your foot properly. Also, pushing your own foot down straight is very hard. Many of those that take their own impression lean their foot to far on one side or the other.

I would try to find a C.ped that will work with you on price. I will always allow payments to be split up to make it easier for someone to get the proper device.