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Checking In After Many Months - And All Better!

Posted by andy on 3/22/05 at 10:09 (171756)

I'd just like to pass on words of encouragement to all of you who are suffering PF pain. I had just an awful time with it back during 2003-2004, brought on by my over-use (over-exercise in a quick attempt to get in shape), bad shoes, walking on bad surfaces (concrete) and probably few more things. I thought it would never, ever end. Had good care from physical therapist and doctor. But, nothing seemed to helped. An opportunity came along for me to do some consulting work, which was mostly office based with limited walking. Didn't have time to go to the gym like before or time to walk with my husband because work just consumed me. I was on my feet some in this professional environment, so I bought the most supportive pair of black shoes and lived in black slacks + good black shoes. And gradually over this 9 month period, my feet just got better and better. Can't really recall the day when I no longer thought about my feet but it came! I'm now off this project and have time to throw myself into the exercise routine to get healthy. But, I'm taking it very, very slowly, being very careful to be responsive to how my feet feel and letting that guide my activities. I share all this because I used to come on these message boards several times a day because the pain was so bad and I was looking for a solution. Time and to some degree, rest, were the solutions.

Re: Checking In After Many Months - And All Better!

Terri on 3/24/05 at 13:56 (171892)

Hi Andy,
Wish I had your luck. I've been sitting around for a year with only some minor improvement. I've thought about having my foot put in a cast, or maybe getting a wheelchair (seriously !!). But glad to read someone is better !!

Re: Checking In After Many Months - And All Better!

Kathy G on 3/25/05 at 09:46 (171952)


Wonderful news! It would seem that the change in jobs helped you and you are wise to go about everything with caution.

I hope the same will happen for you, Terri.