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Asics GT 2100 seems to help me alot

Posted by No Surrender on 3/22/05 at 11:18 (171762)

I run in New balance 1122, 1221 and also Asics 2090 and Asics 2100. For some reson i find that the asics are so much softer on my feet and feel so much better than the new balance but New Balance does make a very durable shoe. Both of them fit my orthotics well it seems. My PF has slowly gotten better over the course of the past 2 years but its been a long struggle with alot of stratching (yoga exercises) and massage combined with good quality shoes with the orthotic insoles. Anybody else like Asics 2000 series shoes? They really seem to work best for me for some reason.

Re: Asics GT 2100 seems to help me alot

Fernando M. on 3/22/05 at 17:28 (171791)

I have not worn ascics shoes, but recently I bought the last model running shoe from brooks beast ( motion control), I have flat feet and these running shoes are specially designed for over pornated feet, they are awesome, so far the best running shoes i have worn, check the web site since there are some others shoes for different feet problems.

Re: Asics GT 2100 seems to help me alot

francesc on 3/24/05 at 23:20 (171924)

yep, ASICS are also all i wear! i loved the 2090 so much that i went out and bought 2 more pairs before they discontinued them! i read some reviews on the 2100 that said they're not as good as the 2090. what's your opinion?

i initially tried New Balances since they come so highly recommended but, i have a small heel and wider at the ball-of-foot and the ASICS just seem to fit me better. they also felt pretty good even without my orthotics.

i have since seen dozens of people at my gym wearing them and now i know why!

Re: Asics GT 2100 seems to help me alot

Kathy G on 3/25/05 at 09:52 (171953)

I swear by Asics and I wore them before getting PF. I can't wear the 2000 series because they're motion control or stability shoes. I wear the Gel Cumulus. I am currently trying the Gel Cumulus VI's with good results. I haven't had to buy new shoes in a while because when I discovered how good the Gel Cumulus II's felt, I bought eight pairs of them. They're all worn out now and I've been searching for a style that works. The other Cumulus styles didn't feel comfortable but this one does. Lots of cushioning and that's what I need.

A good place to find discontinued styles in Asics is efootwear.com.