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Suffering from 8 months now

Posted by Rama on 3/23/05 at 03:29 (171808)

Dear fellow PFians,
Ive joined the club recently. Im a 37 yr old woman and slightly overweight.
I logged on to this site today and its great comfort knowing that across the world there are others like me who dread getting up and hobbling first thing in the morning.
As regards treatment I have recently taken some shoes which are supposed to give me relief but they are not really giving me any. I stay in India. I have been reading about the stretching and ice treatments- so I shall definitely try out and keep you posted. All suggestions welcome,

Re: Suffering from 8 months now

Julie on 3/23/05 at 06:27 (171811)

Namaste, Rama, and welcome.

What part of India do you live in?

You can read the heel pain book (click on the link here or at the top of the page) for information about plantar fasciitis. I hope you have seen, or plan to see, a podiatrist (foot doctor).

I imagine you probably like to go barefoot, but it is better not to, as it puts additional strain on the plantar fascia where it inserts into the heel bone. Fipflops are not much better than bare feet. I wonder what shoes you have that are not helping?

In the heel pain book you will find instructions for taping your foot. Taping takes the strain off the fascia and gives it a chance to rest. It relieves pain and contributes to healing.

Be careful with stretching. Non-weightbearing stretching is best. Have a look at the foot yoga exercises (again, click on the link).

All the best for your healing, and do keep us posted.

Re: Suffering from 8 months now

john h on 3/25/05 at 09:17 (171939)

Rama: I would also suggest to you that you take a look at Birkenstock Airizona Sandals. They are very good for many who have PF and have a built in arch support. You can order them from a German Web Site with free shipping. Here is the webpage: http://www.jestelkg.com/cgi-bin/miva?Merchant2/merchant.mv+

There are many styles but the Airizona with the soft footbed seems to be the most popular among PF patients. Ice several times a day and consider purchasing a Night Splint off of this board. You sleep in one at night and it holds your foot in a neutral or dorsiflex position and often helps with your first step morning pain.

Re: Suffering from 8 months now

Kathy G on 3/25/05 at 09:42 (171949)

Welcome, Rama. I cannot add to the already good advice you have received but I want you to know that most people get over PF and you probably will, too. It just takes time and patience.

Keep us posted on your progress.