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Just Had TTS Surgery

Posted by AliciaGA on 3/23/05 at 18:54 (171848)

I had surgery 3/18. The doctor told my husband he tied off some veins. My one-week checkup is tomorrow. What questions should I ask?

The pain gets incredible - on the heel just below the achilles tendon. Not at the incision site! I've used up the painkillers prescribed for this surgery, and gone to the (same kind) pills left over from my PF release last July. For days I had to take it every 3 hours instead of 4-6, but I'm up to every 4 hours now (except at night). Should it still be hurting this much, a week after surgery? I am ready to go off the painkillers and get my head and stomach back, but it just hurts too much.

I also keep ice behind my knee and on my heel around the clock. The pain really increases as the ice melts.

The paperwork is filled out and turned in, for me to miss six weeks of work for this. Am I likely to need more than that? I still have the other foot to do, and only get a total of 12 weeks medical leave (FMLA) per year. If this foot goes over 6 weeks, I guess I'll have to put off doing the other.

I sure hope I can shower after my one-week checkup. I could put a bag on my foot and hang it out the shower door. I also really hope to be able to sit up long enough to go to church on Easter - ten days after surgery.

I would appreciate any thoughts!!!

Re: Just Had TTS Surgery

Julie on 3/24/05 at 00:52 (171863)


About your pain medication - if it is causing stomach problems you should tell your doctor immediately and ask for them to be changed. There are many different kinds of painkillers, and you need ones that are more likely to be effective and less likely to cause gastrointestinal complications.


Re: Just Had TTS Surgery

JG on 3/24/05 at 13:18 (171888)

For both of my TT surgeries, I took hydrocodone around the clock for about 5 days. After the first surgery I stopped taking it the 6th day. For my second surgery (which was March 8th) I had a little more pain, so after the 5th day, I took a pill once a day for about 4 more days. Everyone is different. Your surgery really wasn't that long ago, so I can understand you still being in pain.
I was allowed to shower after both my bandages came off (approx. 10 days later). I started physical therapy near my 7th week for my 1st surgery. I was walking at that time, but not correctly. I just got my staples out today from my 2nd surgery. (They didn't tell me how bad that would hurt the 1st time, so I took a pain killer before I went this time!) I have been walking without my walker for about 5 days. Doctor says I probably won't need PT this time. My recovery time for this surgery is going alot quicker than the 1st surgery. As far as going to church, you may be pushing it there. I don't know how you are, but it hurt to hang my foot for an extended period of time. I would ask your doctor about church, since you are still in such pain. Happy Easter!

Re: Just Had TTS Surgery

messed up foot on 3/24/05 at 15:42 (171899)

See my other posting! Ask your doctor about Voltaren! I sing in my choir and could stand for 4 hours on Palm Sunday without ANY pain and that was just a short of 5 weeks postop for TTS with partial PF release. My surgery was 2/15 and I never missed a Sunday thanks to a wheelchair with an elevated leg which my health plan is now questioning (of course).

Have a great Easter!

Re: Word of caution

Julie on 3/24/05 at 16:19 (171902)

Voltaren is a stronger painkiller than the other NSAIDs you mentioned: they are for mild pain; Voltaren is for moderae pain. I'm glad it works for you. But do be careful: remember that painkillers mask the pain. The condition that caused the pain is still there and it's important not to overdo activity.

Re: Just Had TTS Surgery

AliciaGA on 3/24/05 at 19:02 (171914)

I called about today's appt time, and they said it was tomorrow! I decided the pain is too awful to wait, and I really thought it was the binding that hurt more than the surgery. They offered to call in more pain meds, but I wanted the cause fixed. So I saw another dr in the practice (not the one who did my surgery) so I could go today.

It took the staff over an hour to get the cast off me, which hurt like crazy. Pressing anywhere hurt either the incision or my heel.

Sure enough, I have a HUGE red circle on the back of my heel, below the achilles tendon. About the size I get if I make an O with my thumb and forefinger - BRIGHT red. The dr said it is a pressure spot from the cast. While the cast was off, I wiggled my toes and realized oh yeah, the incision hurts a bit too. But nothing like my heel.

The dr wrapped my foot with lots of padding, then used ace bandages to tie it back into the bottom half of the original cast. THey'd cut it in a way so that the top part had to squeeze my ankle to get back on, so they discarded the top part. Now I guess it's more like a splint.

I've been taking lortab 7.5. I took one 2 hrs ago and my heel pain is still so strong I'm not sure I can bear it. He gave me a prescription. When my husband saw it, he said it's for something different. I don't know what. The dr said the pain should go down in a few days now that the cast isn't so tight on the heel. But I'm not sure I can survive the night! It seems to be hurting more now that it has been aired out.

I only used painkillers for two days after PF release. THat was nothing compared to this pressure sore!!!

Re: Just Had TTS Surgery

AliciaGA on 3/25/05 at 06:24 (171928)

The prescription was for the same thing after all. My huaband bought me bags of ice, so I have it from my knee to my heel. I'm max-ing the dose on the Lortab. THe pain still comes and goes. I'd never heard of getting a pressure sore from a cast, but OMGosh this is way worse than the incision!

Re: Word of caution

messed up foot on 3/25/05 at 15:52 (171962)

You are absolutely correct about overdoing it when there is no pain! I don't know about you, but I want my life back! I used to walk for at least an hour every day and now I'm excited to wear a shoe for an hour. Talk about a major life change!

Another thing about Voltaren, you have to eat something when you take it. But for folks with pain, it's worth a try!

Re: Recover Time

Kelly T on 3/30/05 at 20:47 (172224)

I had my surgery on 3/18 already had my one week check up and will have another one tomarrow. Can anyone tell me what the time or duration of recovery ? I'm just beginning to get the feeling of my last four toes and my big toe is still numb. Anything would help, it's frustrating have 4 children and working husband and not being able to do anything.

Re: Recover Time

wendy d on 4/23/05 at 18:26 (173597)

I have surgery done on Monday, Apr. 25, 2005. My Dr. has me off work for 4 weeks........however, from what I've read, it's more like 5 or 6 weeks for most folks so it seems. How was surgery for you? Did they put you under? What was the pain like when you woke up out of it? Are you using crutches or a walker? Just curious......how old are you? I'm 44.