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In case my modem completely dies, I'm wishing you all...

Posted by Kathy G on 3/24/05 at 08:39 (171870)

a joyous Easter, if you observe. If not, then a joyous first weekend of Spring! We had snow here today; only a few inches but enough to cause a two-hour delay for school opening. We may have to change our seasons here in NE. Our summer never came until September and October and winter decided to hit in February and March! Ah, but the snow is melting as I write this.

I'm having problem with my modem and I can get online only after about twenty attempts. Verizon tells AOL they've rectified the problem. WRONG!

I've been laid up with a chronic migraine plus infected sinuses. My husband got to enjoy his day off yesterday by pretending he was a housewife and going to the library, foodshopping, the bank; all the things I usually do. On a positive note, the doctor did a blood test to rule out temporal arteritis, something that doctors have often mentioned to me because when I get a migraine, the arteries on my temple get so dilated and the pain is always in that particular place. By checking my sed rate in the middle of an attack, he was able to ascertain that it was low so that means I don't have that particular condition. I just suffer from my usual Kathy-itis.

Thought I felt better this morning but the pain is worsening. Yuck. Oh well, I'm reading a very good book so I'll just continue to be lady of leisure and take my Darvocet and hope that this will go away once and for all. I started with a sore throat on Friday and it's been downhill since then!

Have a wonderful Easter, folks, and I shall return once my computer and my body are operational. Now if that doesn't give you something to look forward to, I don't know what would!

Re: In case my modem completely dies, I'm wishing you all...

Julie on 3/24/05 at 15:41 (171898)

Happy Easter, Kathy, and thank you for this lovely post. I hope that migraine gets better in time for you to enjoy the holidays, and that your modem recovers too.

What are you reading??

Re: In case my modem completely dies, I'm wishing you all...

vince on 3/24/05 at 18:10 (171913)

Kathy- It's probably a longshot but some migraine type headaches can casued by TMJ. It may be worth a call to your dentist.
Verizon and DSL- UGH!

Re: In case my modem completely dies, I'm wishing you all...

Kathy G on 3/25/05 at 09:25 (171941)

Thanks, Vince. I do have TMJ and the doctor and I are thinking that might be contributing to this one which is so stubborn. Today is the first day I didn't wake up with the pain so maybe it's abating.

Yes, it's either Verizon or Adelphia around here so we've chosen the best of the two evils. It seems Verizon finally has it fixed!