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More pain after ESWT

Posted by betty on 3/24/05 at 14:39 (171895)

I had ESWT 2 weeks ago. Before,I had it , I had some good days and some bad days. Now the heel pain when I walk is worse than before the procedure. 1000 mg of Motrin barely cuts the pain. I have been vigilantly soaking it 2 times a day and doing morning stretches. Suggestions and comments

Re: More pain after ESWT

Terri on 3/24/05 at 17:26 (171907)

I had the same problem !! It was intolerable !! I had it done Oct. 22, 2003 and I remember by Dec. 19th, 2003 I felt well enough to put on some Hushpuppy boots and go out with some friends. But then a month later it got real bad again but that may have not been unrelated to the ESTW. But I have not wore any type of dress shoes since Oct. 2003. I find them intolerable and wear New Balance running shoes even to work. My foot did seem worse off but it could have been a coincidence.

Re: More pain after ESWT

Terri on 3/24/05 at 17:30 (171909)

I meant it may have not been related to the ESWT. I did call Doriner Ulta Headquarters and spoke to someone in their clinical dept. that said I could file a complaint with the FDA but they had never heard of anyone's foot becoming worse because shockwave. I was very upset and still wonder about it....

Re: More pain after ESWT

Dave on 3/24/05 at 21:56 (171920)

I had shock wave and my foot has gotten worse. I am at the end of my rope with my pf.


Re: More pain after ESWT

Dr. Z on 3/24/05 at 22:22 (171921)

Why are patients stating that they are worse off after ESWT treatment. Is this due to never really having plantar fasciitis?? Is this due to not getting relief from ESWT and then getting worse. What other factors are present. The statment that I am worse leads to more questions then answers. I am saying that you aren't worse off. What I am saying is I wish I was in a position to give you some answers. There was an article at one time on the healtronic's web site that discussed the results of ESWT from the patients point of view and then from the investigators point of view. The investigator considered the ESWT treatment a success if there was no point with direct palpation at the pf insertion. The investigator rated the success as 90%. The patients rated their success as 52%. My point what is the definition of success and in this thread what does worse mean.?

Re: More pain after ESWT

Mar on 3/25/05 at 07:21 (171930)

Well if shock-wave reinjures the tissue and the tissue doesn't heal well or over heals, then it would seem that it is possible for things to get worse. Mar

Re: More pain after ESWT

Dr. Z on 3/25/05 at 18:31 (171968)

ESWT doesn't 'rejury' the same way as surgical cutting so it shouldn't go that way, Aat least according to the literature I have read. I think there is some kind of nerve entrapement present that can't be picked up by testing or physical examination or in the case of the ossatron where where be high energy going is going to places that it was never intended. Even with the ossaton whic places energy everywhere and the fascia there have been no reported worse off cases.
Now we could say that it just takes time. Both the Dornier and the Ossatron have been on the worldwide market for over ten years. I wish I examinate the worse off with an ultrasound. before, after the treatment. If someone has had other foot surgery, lower extremity surgery etc that is causing gait compensory changes this could contribute to a worse off foot. The human foot is just a Very complex device which we have to walk on. Just my thoughts. I will be going to the next ISWT convention where there will be wide world ESWT representation . This will be one of the questions I will discuss at this seminar.

Re: More pain after ESWT

Mar on 3/26/05 at 06:59 (171977)

No, 'it shouldn't go that way.' But we all know that things don't always go as they should and each human being's body reacts differently. Although I wasn't helped with ESWT, I am not worse off either. But I can certainly understand that for a select few this could happen. It can happen with anything. It happens with medications, it happens with surgery, it happens in life. To say it absolutley can't happen seems unrealistic to me. I like the fact that you are open to the possibility and are willing to check it out further.

Re: More pain after ESWT

Dr. Z on 3/26/05 at 09:14 (171979)

I am always willing to investigate. I still think that if isn't the procedure that can make you worse off it is the proper selection of patient that can make it worse off. For example. Neuropathic pain and ESWT don't mix very feel. Too many shocks or too many joules of energy will make if worse off. etc, etc. Now with Plantar fascia release , perfect patient selection, perfect cut, and the patient can still be worse off. The procedure itself can make you worse off with pf release

Re: More pain after ESWT

Sharon B. on 3/26/05 at 10:43 (171982)

Betty, I would give it more time....weeks more. My husband just hit 7 weeks post and although we are hesitant to think it at this point, (he's felt better at times in the past pre-op and then it got worse again), he seems to be a little better. He did seem worse for the first 2-3 weeks. Although he's back to work on concrete (he took 6 1/2 weeks off), he is able to tolerate soft orthotics that his surgeon highly recommended, and before surgery he couldn't tolerate them more than an hour. He is still taking pain medication off and on, but now the medication actually helps and takes it all away at times, when in the past, pain medicine didn't help much at all. It is such a SLOW process for some, including my husband. Don't give up hope just yet.

About the motrin, my husband's doctor told him not to take any anti-inflammatory medication until 6 weeks post-op. The swelling at that point promotes healing. He's taking anti-inflammatory medication now and it does help. My husband's doctor also recommends weigh bearing stretches BAREFOOT. Different than most of what I've read here. But it does seem to be helping my husband.

Re: FOR: Terri

BrianG on 3/26/05 at 14:32 (171984)

Hi Terri,

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this cop out line 'They had never heard of anyone's foot becoming worse because of shockwave' or any other treatment for that matter. These people are not telling you the truth, when they try to make you believe that you are the only person this has ever happened to. I think this makes my angrier, than if the procedure did, or didn't work. We are fortunate to live in the time of the internet, and we can research, to see if statements like this are true.

In this case, it certainly wasn't! If you go to this website, you can read what some Podiatrists, who are also lawyers, think about this procedure, ESWT:

I'll also quote what the principal attorney has to say about ESWT: 'ESWT can cause damage to major nerves or blood vessels if the ESWT treatment unit is placed directly over those structures'.

You don't have to take the word of someone at the other end of the phone line. You know how your heels are doing, if they are better, or worse. For someone to tell you thats impossible, is just plain wrong!!! Now that you know that your not the only person that this ever happened to, it's up to you to decide where to go from here. The answers are available to every patient these days, you just have to spend some time to research the subject matter, or pay an attorney if you want to go that direction.

BrianG, not a doc

Re: FOR: Terri

Dr. Z on 3/26/05 at 14:43 (171986)

Brian G
This web site with ESWT comments have been around for years. All it shows is that if the procedure is done wrong and done for the incorrect indications you can have problems and a foot worse off. This is just what I stated in my post. So its not the procedure its the way the procedure was usde or the patient it was used on or how the patient was treated after the ESWT procedure.
Now if we talk about EPF this is true. You can use EPF in the correct patient, do it correctly and since have a foot worse off.

Re: FOR: Terri

BrianG on 3/26/05 at 15:25 (171993)

Hi Dr Z,

I only posted that information to her, because of the information she was given by the folks at Dornier. I don't believe they were being truthful.


Re: FOR: Terri

Dr. Z on 3/26/05 at 16:31 (171996)

Hi Brian,
I do believe that each and every case should be completely evaluated and I would hope that dornier and or any other company would do the same. I would be very happy to evaluate Terri at any time and tell her what I think if this would help her I agree that is a very interesting comment by Dornier

Re: More pain after ESWT

Fed Up Also on 3/28/05 at 11:27 (172056)

I guess these individuals are in the 6% of failures........

Re: FOR: Terri

John King on 3/28/05 at 13:31 (172059)

All medical procedures have the potential for a bad outcome, and sometimes a very bad outcome. That is what keeps malpractice lawyers in business. Cutting on the feet is probably the worst idea I have ever heard of so anything to avoid that is good. When they cut the PF are they not cutting the very organ that supports your arch?

Re: More pain after ESWT

Sharon B. on 3/30/05 at 16:53 (172203)

We definately don't consider it a failure if he's feeling even a tiny bit better. And he is.

Re: More pain after ESWT

Scott Mc on 5/13/05 at 11:08 (174899)

I had Dornier ESWT and it led to more pain.