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Not receiving any help

Posted by Trudy on 3/24/05 at 16:08 (171900)

I have basically given up on Drs and podiatrists. I wish I had the energy to persue this, but this condition has drained me. Everytime, I think a new treatment works, low and behold the pain returns. I'm not sure if I have PF or TTS or even both. When I've had a long rest, the pain disappears, even in the morning. The pain starts to get worse as the day progresses. I have a sitting job and the strange thing is that sometimes the pain starts in the lower back and progresses down the hamstrings, calves and then the feet. This is a burning clenching pain. This happens usually daily when at work. I have been to every type of specialist there is and they have basically given up. I have spent thousands on physio, chiropractors, massage therapy and many many types of orthotics and inserts. I am now in my third year of suffering and wish I knew what type of treatment would help. It seems that the only type of shoe that is comfortable is a very soft sandel as my feet are usually very sensitive and any type of hardness causes pain. Taping is out of the question, it becomes very painful after about an hour. Does anyone out there experience this type of pain? Are there any treatments that would be useful. A nerve test was negative. I cycle lightly regularly and if I don't exercise, the cramping pain gets worse. My weight is normal, I'm very healthy otherwise. I welcome any thoughts.

Re: Not receiving any help

john h on 3/25/05 at 09:10 (171938)

Trudy have you considered ESWT? There are several different machines and some people have had success with this treatment. It is not invasive and been in use for many years. Either and MD (Orthopedic) or POD have this type of equipment. Both Dr. Z and Dr Ed on this board use this procecure. Some insurance companies cover it and some do not. What state are you in?.

There is not fast cure for this disease and it may take you some time (months or longer) to figure out what works for you as we all seem to respond to different treatments. Have your tried wearing Birinstock Airizona Sandals. Many people find these provide some relief. It may take you a week to get used to them but it is worth a go. They do make one with a 'SOFT' insole.

Re: Not receiving any help

Ralph on 3/25/05 at 09:34 (171946)

I hope Elliott responds to your post. If your pain is starting in your back and runs down your leg as you describe maybe you have a form of sciatcia or something where a nerve or nerves are getting pinched somewhere.

I don't know if you've had nerve conductions tests. I don't know their formal name but a doctor connects electrodes and sticks pins into certain muscle area along nerve paths to test if your nerves are working correctly.

If you've not had one of these tests I personally would suggest you ask to have one. Mind you I'm no doctor but from my readings on this board burning pain seems to be associated with nerves being irritated or pinched in some way. At least that is what seems to be reported for TTS and this condition called RSD.

I'm certainly not trying to diagnois what your condition might be just reporting some of the things that I've read on this site. Your condition may be more of a back problem than having anything to do with your feet.
I'm trying to figure out something similar for myself since my sciatic nerve is now involved as one of my own symptoms. It wasn't there when my foot pain started, but I did have low back pains prior to being diagnosed with P.F. I'm still seeking answers too.

Perhaps seeing a neurologist might also help you. Hope you find help too.

Re: Not receiving any help

Julie on 3/25/05 at 09:43 (171950)

Trudy, it does sound as though you have more going on than 'simple' PF (in inverted commas because as we all know, no case of PF ever seems simple) :).

I would suggest that you see your primary care physician and ask for an MRI of your lumbar spine. It sounds very much as though the origin of your foot pain could be irritation of your sciatic nerve: it's the body's longest nerve, and supplies the entire rear of the lower extremity: buttock, thigh, and leg. It has various branches which end in the foot. That feeling of clenching and burning in the buttock is a typical symptom of sciatica. An MRI scan (magnetic resonance imagery) might identify whatever is causing it.

ESWT is certainly an option if there is no spinal nerve involvement, but I'd be inclined to investigate your lower back first.

Re: Not receiving any help

elliott on 3/27/05 at 13:43 (172027)


I'll second what someone else said: the next thing you should do is get an MRI of your lumbar spine. You didn't mention doing that. I'll disagree with the poster recommending ESWT; I think it's way premature for that, given you have symptoms originating in your spine that are atypical and not clearly associated with PF.

Re: Not receiving any help

lara on 3/28/05 at 09:13 (172049)

I second Elliot's comments about ESWT. ESWT is contra-indicated for TTS, so until you know what you have, I'd hold off.

The burning sensation you describe sounds like nerve pain, which could be TTS - or some other form of nerve involvement. Have you tried compression socks (the nylon ones, not the cotton ones). They aren't invasive, not that expensive (an expensive pair of socks, an inexpensive treatment), and can be found at drug stores and medical supply stores and some catalogs, including Amazon. If they don't work, I've not heard of any cases of residual problems from having tried them.