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Happy Easter

Posted by John H on 3/25/05 at 08:10 (171933)


Re: Happy Easter

marie on 3/25/05 at 09:09 (171937)

caaaaaaauuuuute! happy Easter to you too...............unfortunately it looks more like Christmas here. :(

Re: Happy Easter

Kathy G on 3/25/05 at 09:39 (171948)

Thanks, John and the same to you! That's funny!

How much snow do you have on the ground, Marie? We don't have as much as you. We actually have a few areas that are bare because even though we had snow, it melted from the higher sun. We do have some large piles from the piles that will remain for quite a while longer but Spring is here and my crocuses and early tulips are poking up through the ground!

Re: Happy Easter

LindaV on 3/25/05 at 17:41 (171967)

Like that Easter hip hop!! Made me smile. Kathy, glad the early spring flowers are starting to show. Down here, everything is backwards. Its already getting past impatiens time. I have no idea what comes next. BUT---so far, we are loving it. I'll let you know when hurricane season starts. Bet I pack my bags and head for NH in a hurry.

Re: Happy Easter

Suzanne D. on 3/30/05 at 07:51 (172158)

Cute! Thanks.

Easter was wet and cool here in my part of Kentucky. And by nightfall, blue tears were added to the raindrops when the University of Kentucky lost in double overtime to Michigan State. (Dorothy, are you reading? I thought of you and your interest in Michigan State.) I am not a huge sports fan, but basketball is my favorite of sports, and, as they say, one would have to be under a rock not to be caught up in 'March Madness' in Kentucky right now!

At least the University of Louisville is going to the Final Four, so we will be represented. To the die-hard Kentucky fans, that does not help, of course. I was really hoping for both Kentucky teams to end up there; that would have made for an exciting final game - a match-up of those two rivals.

Suzanne :)

Re: Go Spartans!

JudyS on 3/30/05 at 17:57 (172210)

Our number one pick lost out last week - University of Arizona.

So now I'm going back to my roots!