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new ortholics after p.f. surgery

Posted by ray on 3/28/05 at 21:28 (172092)

im 10 month out from p.f. surgery foot is still healing and in some pain the doc ordered me some new ortholics and they are a little more thinner or more flexable they bend easyier mt question is if new ortholics bend eastier with that in turn help to strecth the foot or will less support hurt the foot

Re: new ortholics after p.f. surgery

Richard, C.Ped on 3/29/05 at 09:57 (172102)

When you say 'bend' can you twist them? If so, that does not matter as long as you can not compress them easily.

Re: new ortholics after p.f. surgery

ray on 3/29/05 at 21:04 (172140)

compress is the word they are about 15 to 20% where they compress easyier the the ones i have now i wore thies new ones for 4 days each day they feel better now if they compress more can that in turn help strecth the surgery foot and in turn help the foot go back to nomal position my foot does feel a lot better should i give thies new ones a try or turn them infor a less flexable ones you know im still recovering from open p.f. surgery im 10 months out PLEASE ADVISE

Re: new ortholics after p.f. surgery

Richard, C.Ped on 3/30/05 at 07:54 (172160)

Since I do not know exactly what the doctor did during surgery, it is very hard to tell what is exactly needed. If there was no surgery at all, you want the orthosis to provide cushion but the best support possible in order for the fascia to stop over stretching and allow it to heal.

Your doc, or the docs here may have a different approach to orthotics after your type of surgery.