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Why is standing such a problem?

Posted by Matt P on 3/29/05 at 08:05 (172100)

Hi. I've been on a slow road of recovery since last summer, when I feel like my PF was the worst. Through a combination of limiting foot-strenuous activity, stretching daily, some various deep massage, and Silicone Dynamic Orthotics, I've reached a point where I rarely have horrible days and often have days where there is no pain.

Last week, I hiked 3.7 miles with my 5th graders and never suffered.

Last night, however, I had an open house at my school which required me to stand in front of an audience for about 30 minutes. WHOAH! did the pain come back. This morning it's really bad... soreness, cramping, charlie-horse type tightening of the various tendons and such. it reminds me of St. Patrick's day 2004 when i watched a parade... again, standing, and again, PAIN.

Note: yep, I'm a teacher, but I almost never stand still for more than a few minutes... constantly walking around, sitting in front of the class, etc.

Can you offer any thoughts on this? What does this say about my condition? Honestly, if I could get back to hiking and walking around without worry, I'd gladly sacrifice the rare occasion where standing is polite, but this is an aspect of my condition that I just can't figure out.

Re: Why is standing such a problem?

Ralph on 3/29/05 at 08:35 (172101)

Maybe this link can provide some insight. I thought it provided good information and found it interesting.


Re: Why is standing such a problem?

Julie on 3/29/05 at 10:20 (172105)

Ralph, what an interesting and useful article: thank you for the link. Excellent advice on shoes, floor surfaces, and work environments generally.

Matt, I think most people with PF would agree that standing brings on the worst pain. I teach yoga, and although it's four years now since I've had any trouble, at the time I couldn't stand still for longer than a minute or two, and had to walk around. I remember once having to wait quite a long time for a bus, and walking around in circles to alleviate the pain! I guess it's because when we're walking, the body weight is shifting constantly through the feet, so it's only over the sore bit for a split second during the gait cycle, whereas when we're standing that sore spot has to bear all the weight all the time.

What does your report say about your condition? To me, it says you are getting better all the time. If you can walk 3.7 miles without suffering, and if you can do your job reasonably comfortably, I'd say you're almost there. You're obviously healing, and I would bet it won't be long before you can stand comfortably too when you have to.